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lots of info to digest. Sucks for Donnie, would've liked to see him as skipper but it was not to be.

maybe someday.

As for Rodriguez, what's left to say? He FINALLY lived up to what they are actually saying (and have been saying all along) about him in the papers. A no heart liar. Spineless.

He can blame anyone he wants for the negative press, he won't blame himself though. Sounds like the franchise to the north, he'll fit in nicely there.

Down to business now, we got good baseball guy at the helm, let's go out and kick some ass.

Absolutely, time to move on now. I don't think it'll happen, because the D-Rays are completely irrational when it comes to trade value, but I'd like to see the Yanks get some speed this offseason so Girardi has some tools to play small ball with. Crawford would be number one on my wish list.

Pitching, pitching, pitching....that's what the Yankees need. Starting pitchers, relievers, maybe a closer....they should look at Francisco Cordero and some other guys. Maybe Kerry Wood. They'll sign someone to take over third and their offense will be just fine. They need pitching depth to make a run at the Red Sox.

Carl Crawford would be nice, but isn't their outfield set with Matsui/Damon, M. Cabrera and B. Abreu out there? They'll need a 1b with Doug M. leaving with A-Rod, so essentially they need to fill the corners of their infield. They have to re-sign Posada because there aren't any other catchers on the market who can do what he does.

The pitching isn't a quick fix, it's patience with Joba, Hughes and Kennedy. I don't like Cordero at all, I think he'd basically be another farnsworth signing, and probably just as expensive.

They need to bring Jorge and Mo back, then take a step back and take a look at their options for first and third. Moving Matsui, Damon and/or Giambi should be explored thoroughly.

I also think you have to treat the LF/DH slots as replaceable. If you can get someone like Crawford, you do it.

im with brian on this one...i still say you try to trade hideki, as much as i like him, and get crawford. Once the money comes off the books from the dead weight after next season, CC, Danny Haren, and a million good pitchers r gonna be available (that johan guy too). But yeah, pitching pitching pitching. People forget, even though Joe Torre burnt out some arms, we still have ZERO reliable releivers next year aside from mariano, point blank. we NEED to address that. Ian, Joba and Hughes arent gonna average 7 ip a start like CC did.

If the Phils are destined to lose Rowand, I hope he becomes a Yankees. He's got speed and plays with a lot of heart and is only 30. His average will probably go down leaving the cozy Zen, but not by that much. Then you have extra outfielders and seriously look at moving Damon or Giambi to first as you said.

As for third, do the Yankees have anyone they can bring up?

As for the Phillies, I had wanted the Phils to look at moving Iguchi to third. White Sox fans say he doesn't have the arm strength for it, though. It's a shame... I really like the way the guy played when he filled in for Utley. On many other teams, he's a starter.

Hate to bring this one up because he's A. Often Injured, and B. Getting old, but Rolen could probably be acquired by the Yankees. Scratch that thought... too often injured. But he is not a LaRussa favorite, and since LaRussa has been re-signed, he's probably looking to get out. And he can hit for power.

If they don't sign someone to play third, it's Betemit's job to lose.

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