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Even if they don't get a deal done, I would expect the 76ers to match any offer Iggy would get in the off-season. What do you think?

Absolutely, I just don't think the offer he's going to get in the offseason is going to be a bargain. Look at the money Rashard Lewis got.

Ya, I would suspect that his agent, if he is smart, tells him to wait til the end of the season for a deal. Unless, Iggy just likes Philly that much and will give them the hometown discount

His agent, and Iguodala personally, seem to want to get this done now, which I take as a good sign. He's going to make $2.8 million this year no matter what, I think he just doesn't want it hanging over his head the entire season.

I say get it done. They're still going to have a ton of cash after this season to bring in free agents (webber, ollie, mckie all come off the books).

Brian, this scares me, last time Billy King signed a player before he became a restricted free agent, he gave Kenny Thomas a seven (SEVEN) years deal

I am pretty sure Iggy will ask more than those 60 mill for 5 yrs, he can't accept less money than Dalemebert got (another brilliant signing, btw)

Anything less than a max contract is a bargain for Iguodala, in my book.

I agree with you fully Brian. This going to sound stupid to some, but I think he is one of the top 5 stat sheet stuffers.

1. Lebron
2. Jason Kidd
3. Iggy
4. Josh Smith
5. Gerald Wallace / Josh Howard - toss up

I realize KG will be brilliant again this year and The Matrix as well, but I think those five are the top all around

I agree, purely stats-wise Kobe is up there too, but for some reason I view his assists and rebounds as accidental, like he meant to pass the ball to Walton so he could get it back, but Walton took a shot instead.

If there's a way for Billie to screw this up, he will. But I agree that it's a good sign and a sign Iggy wants to stay in Philly that he and his agent want to sign now. You'd have to think he'd be worth even more if he waited.

i would like to sneeze away of iguodala

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