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I think I'm going to be sick.

You and me both, Mike. Tough night to be a Yankee fan.

Wow...I think Mo heads West with him...

It's possible. The Yanks will throw a ton of money at him to stop that from happening. At least there's no spot for Posada in L.A., unless he moves to first.

Seriously, yeah. Punch in the gut.

paxton17 on Oct 30 at 0:08

i dont know what to think about today ... mainly im sick to my stomach.. im very sad to see donnie go and very ANGRY that a rod is a bit@h. i have a feeling that a rod donnie and joe torre wont be the only beloved yankees(a rod beloved since 07 only) to be leaving this off season.. guess we have to wait and see. this is a dark day in ny

It's going to be a different team next year, no doubt about that. After 7 years without a ring, is that necessarily a bad thing, though? I have to believe Donnie will be back some day.

paxton17 on Oct 30 at 0:20

if we see donnie again that means joe failed... girardi is young if he is sucessful he has a chance to break all the records... at least donnie and torre will be a short trip down i15 for me and season tickets will be much cheaper.. if we dont resign mo im buying a dodgers hat and burning my yankees apparel

Donnie's son is in the Dodgers' minor league system. Looks like he's going to be groomed to be the next Dodgers manager, after Torre. Such a shame.

WOW, Torre and Mattingly as Dodgers. That puts even more pressure on Joe Girardi to succeed, as his hiring will be remembered as the guy who chased Donnie out of town.

I like the Dodgers, now I have more reason to like them.

JJ's right. It just puts more pressure on Joe Girardi to win, or the Yankees look like losers here. I guess the possibility exists that if Girardi fails miserably next year, the Yankees would hire Mattingly before he gets the promotion to manager in LA.

But, all that aside... I like Girardi. And you have to go with whom you trust more. I think the Yankees did make the right decision here.

I like Girardi too. It's just that Mattingly paid his dues and was waiting on the job. Someone else had astutely mentioned that if the Yanks hired Mattingly, he'd be almost impossible to fire. So for the brass, it was sort of a no-win situation.

Girardi will be a good manager, though. And as SML said, if he fails, the Yankees can bring in Mattingly, assuming he'd take the job at that point.

I am saddened by the news of Donnie moving on. He is the reason I started watching baseball. Well him and Dayrl Strawberry (hey gimme a break I was 6).

even more sad is the news that he may never come back. ughhh.

Girardi is the man for the job. He will take this new look yanks squad and make 'em winners.

If Mo goes to the Dodgers as well I am gonna have to start rooting for that team. Hell maybe someone can knock those damn redsox around in the postseason.
It would be funny to see a torre led team play and win against the sox in the series next year. Especially since that team has Nomar, who was dumped before they made their historic run.

Could you imagine the Yanks facing the Dodgers in the series next year, with Torre managing, Mattingly as the bench coach and Mo closing for them? Jesus, why do I do this to myself.

Mike from Bay Area on Oct 30 at 13:08

I'll take the Yanks getting to the WS any year now, regardless who they're facing. Actually, it'd be cool to face the Dodgers, with Mo closing for the Yanks, of course.

lol @ brians scenario. let me add this onto it, for imaginations sake:

world series...

Mo Vs Jeter in the 9th.

i might explode if t hat happened

Mo vs. Jeter...wow

Never considered that.

Mo and his agent are meeting w/ the Yanks today. Hopefully, they blow him away with an offer and he signs on the dotted line before Torre makes it official in L.A.

One thing, I realize Posada, Pettitte and Mo are probably pretty loyal to Torre, but shouldn't they show some loyalty to the fans in New York? I mean, Mo has basically been a God here from the beginning, shouldn't that enter into these decisions?

You would think so, but no.

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