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Mike from Bay Area on Oct 30 at 13:47

Not sure you covered what happens to Giambino in this scenario (you wouldn't want G-man to play first, I hope). But, regardless, I'd be against Barry as a Yankee. I live in the Bay Area, and even though fans here love(d) him for some reason, he really is an a-hole he's known for throughout the rest of the country or how the media portrays him. The cons you listed will come into play big time, and in very inopportune hours as well. Pass.

I've pretty much written Giambi off at this point. They may be able to unload him if he waives his no-trade and they eat some of his salary ($21M). If they can't, then he's the highest-paid pinch hitter in baseball.

The best thing is you don't have to give up anything to acquire Bonds. At 42 (43?), he still leads the league in walks. If you use him as a DH, he is injured less and is a force to be reckoned with in the lineup.

Really, it wouldn't be a bad move for a year.

Barry's Ex had a pretty decent spread in Playboy this month. At least he doesn't have bad taste in women. Even though she looks all used up at this point.

Crawford could become a free agent...but he won't. The Rays have optionson his contract for 2009 and 2010 at bargain prices ($8.25 and $10 million per). Even the Rays can afford a player of his caliber at those prices.


Yep, that's a very favorable deal for the D-Rays, no reason to think they wouldn't exercise the options. They may be willing to trade him for pitching. I think the Angels have an option on Guerrero, and the Padres have an option on Peavy as well. I was just listing guys who could be free agents after '08.

In general, it's set up to be a much better FA year than this one.

BigMerv on Oct 31 at 7:59

UK Giants fan here - I always thought Bonds would be a perfect fit for the Yankees with that nice short right field porch. Who cares if he is an arse - was Reggie Jackson known for being a good bloke? He would also be able to deal with New York in fact he would probably relish it and don't forget he is pissed at the Giants for letting him go so will probably be super motivated. If you sign him he will deliver.

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