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20 wins for the Pacers?? You're killing me Brian!

Take my predictions with a grain of salt. Though, they do look like a really, really bad team. At least you've got Dunleavy's sweet hair to entertain you.

They were 6-2 in the pre season without JO and Murphy for three games. Did you see they scored 81 points in the first half...140 for the game! I know those games don't count, but I would say that they will win more than 20 games! If not, all I know about this world is wrong!

most of your blurbs about teams leave out players "making the jump." Teams can get better if players who were so-so break through...its not like superstars are the only people who improve and everyone else remains static.

I take it you just didn't think anyone on any eastern team is planning on doing that? lol


The two players I see as making a big jump are Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala, I have both of those teams finishing with much better records this year. Obviously, there are plenty of other guys who could do it as well, but I think the fate of most of the playoff teams in the East is going to be decided by their stars. Gerald Wallace is another example.

The thing all of these guys have in common is that they have room to grow into a star, or superstar, on their teams. Jason Maxiell may turn into a solid guy in the Pistons' rotation this season, but he isn't going to blossom into a star with Rip Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince demanding shots ahead of him.

mambakb24 on Jun 12 at 15:00

Wow glad I searched to see how wrong some people were. You obv have no clue about basketball... In the West you have no one in the right spot and have the nba final lakers out of the playoffs... you have 3 playoff teams wrong as well as being real off on the bulls and the heat. two words: you're dumb

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