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Keep in mind that Girardi was the last manager to keep Cabrera, and his waistline, in check...

I don't see why they don't try to make the deal. If they give up Hughes they just use that A-Rod money to try to sign Johan Santana or another free agent pitcher...or three.

I don't think Girardi did a particularly good job keeping Cabrera in shape, in fact I think it's been a consistent downhill slide since he broke into the league.

I understand the logic behind the trade, you send Hughes and Melky down there, then sign Rowand to play center and set your sites on Johan in free agency next season. I just don't like it. I want the Yanks to hold onto their prospects, Cabrera could eat himself out of the league and/or walk in two seasons. Johan may sign an extension with Minnesota. If those things happen all they've done is give up their center fielder of the future and maybe a dominant ace who's only 22 for a two-year rental.

That sounds like a move the Yanks would've made in the blink of an eye in the bad old days, and I don't want to head in that direction again.

Yes, they have a ton of money to spend right now with A-Rod and possibly others coming off the books, but that doesn't mean money is the way they're going to rebuild the team, it just doesn't work.

This is what makes the Yankees such an interesting team to follow.... the changing of old thought patterns and old baseball to the new order. Out with the old veterans with bloated contracts, in with the young, new talent. I'd like to see them hold onto their young talent, esp. since they are going to need to bring someone in next year for Abreu.

One thing... The Yankees are low on Lefties both in the bullpen and starting. Pettite has another year left, then they are without a dominant lefty starter. Their minors don't have a dominant lefty either. That's why Santana would look so good as a Yankee. They don't have any lefties in the system that could be as good. That's the one case I could see MAYBE trading ONE of their young guys.

cabrera lacks discipline.

Jose Grana on Nov 2 at 14:49

That's impossible. Melky Cabrera is a totally mediocre player. Unconceivable that someone is trading him for Miguel Cabrera. The Marlins have at least two centerfielders that are much better than him in Cody Ross and De Aza. In only one month Cody Ross will hit as many home runs as Melky Cabrera in a year.
That will not happen. Marlins bosses are greedy and cheap, but they are not fools.
They are even considering bringing Alex Rodriguez, so...

Rick Risucci on Nov 9 at 16:34

I'm not sure why alot of fans and sports writers look to focus in on athletes weight or other issues that has not affected the players performance. Miguel Cabrerra has been one of the most consistent and best offensive players since his rookie season. He is 24 with playoff and world series experience, which he has produced on those stages, but yet ala Shaq, Sir Charles, and David Wells, wait is the focus. This just in all of these guys produce and are winners (not ala AROD) Hope to see more support for the 24 Yr old Miguel Cabrerra trade to NY. He is the real cleanup hitter the Yanks have lacked since Bernie Williams and Reggie Jackson. You must have a succesful and/or feared cleanup hitter to win the world series. It makes all the other hitters in the lineup better because pitchers can not pitch around the other hitters surrounding them.


I don't really have a problem with the weight, he's probably just a heavy guy. My only concern is that the Yanks (or any team that acquires him) is realistic in their expectations. He's not going to be a third baseman for much longer, the girth is going to force a move to first. I'm fine with that move, Cabrera's bat is what you're trading for. You're absolutely right, he's the best answer available at the cleanup spot.

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