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Hi Brian, hoping you can help with this one....
There's a LB listed on the current Eagles roster as being signed in January, 2007 and assigned to NFL Europe. His name is Craig Kobel out of South Florida. He's listed at 6'3" and 265 lbs. The name didn't sound familiar, so I checked a little on him. He was a starting DE at South Florida and lead the team in sacks and was a FB/LB for the AFL Utah Blaze in 2006. Is he worth any consideration or have you heard anything about him?

Mix Master Mu on Mar 23 at 9:53

Wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Wilson in green and I also wouldn't mind him playing for the Eagles. Everyone i've heard from that likes the Broncos is in love with this guy. He is the heart and soul is what I keep reading a real warrior. If that's the case then lets see what we have to give up to get him. Also says the Giants and Detroit are in the running. Not sure what those teams have to give up. I know the Eagles don't like giving up draft picks but only one draft pick from last year produced last year and that was Gaither. I'm not saying they won't produce because i think Bunkley will have a huge year this year but picks don't always pan out the way we would like them to. Cough Cough MAMULA COUGH!


For some reason, I still have faith in Reid on draft day. He's made some ballsy moves that have really panned out: Andrews, Westbrook, Brown and Shepphard (when they had 2 pro-bowl caliber corners on their roster), Reggie Brown, and of course McNabb. That being said, I'd like to see them get Wilson. Send a DT and a pick if you have to, just not first two rounds. And Please, please don't bring up Mams ever again.


I can't find anything on this guy. He's listed as an offensive lineman on NFL.com, a DE in a news story about him trying out w/ the Bucs last year and an OLB in any college reference.

Last year, in the arena league he only had 6 tackles. Seems like a perfect fit for NFL Europa, and probably won't ever sniff the Eagles.

Mix Master Mu on Mar 23 at 11:12

Hmmmm just read this on KFFL.

Eagles | Team no longer interested in Wilson
Thu, 22 Mar 2007 16:36:04 -0700

Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports the Philadelphia Eagles were involved in trade talks with the Denver Broncos to acquire LB Al Wilson, but have now backed out of the negotiations.

Mix Master

Ugh. Well, we knew it probably wasn't going to happen, maybe now that Andy's back they'll re-open the negotiations for Wilson. Or, maybe Schefter is being misled.

I'd love some good Eagles' news to talk about.

Looks like Al Wilson is heading to the Giants and is in NY for his physical. Bummer...

I spoke too soon. An update says the deal with NY fell through because of the physical.

Just read somewhere that the Broncos are looking for a third-round pick for Wilson. That doesn't sound too steep to me.

You're right, Brian, a 3rd round draft pick doesn't sound like a high price to pay at all for Wilson!

But why would he fail his physical in NY? Could it mean he failed his Piss test? Has he ever been in the NFL's substance abuse program?


I don't think he's been busted before. He's never played less than 15 games in a season, so he's durable. Could be the Giants got cold feet.

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