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Mix Master Mu on Mar 23 at 17:47

Just did a 3 team parlay for tonight. I'm not a big gambler but here were my bets. I bet the Bobcats to win straight up they were +7 before the iggy news of him sitting now they are +4.5. I picked bobcats to win because it pays better, i parlayed that with the Gators just to win (moneyline) and Vanderbilt +7.5 against Georgetown.
The Vandy-G-Town game scares me the most. if i win i win 30 bucks if i lose i lose 5 so who really cares. What do you think of those bets?

The Bobcats bet is looking good, unless Green gets hot, which isn't likely.

I hate Noah, but think Fla. is going to win.

I like G-town in a close game.

You should be OK. The larger question is how did you find a bookie in Vermont.

I'm writing this already knowing the results of Six-Cha and Mia-Six but of course tis doesn't change much

the point is I'm surprised to read that you push for a playoff run, that I think it would be a disaster for this team

First because we won't make the playoffs anyway (too late, too far) and second because we will end somewhere around the 9th-10th place in the East = no playoffs and no top pick either.

Too negadelphian?


There are no sure things in the lottery. Even if they wound up w/ the worst pick (a) there's no guarantee oden or durant come out (b) there's no guarantee the sixers get the first pick.

This draft is really, really deep. To be honest with you, I think if they do wind up w/ the 9th/10th pick, they could be looking at Jeff Green, and I think he would be a great fit.

The past two months have completely changed my mind about this team. The way Iguodala has evolved, the way Dalembert has stepped up...These things are positive steps for the future of the franchise. If they really tanked the season, these players would've taken a step backwards, not forward, and we'd be starting from square 1 next year. This type of play will have a carry-over effect, at least I hope it will. The beginning of something good for this team.

well, I guess we have to respectfully disagree

to make it simple, I think it would be better end up with a #3-#5 pick than with a #9-#12... LOL

I agree with you about all the rest (improvments, attitude etc etc) but the opportunity to land a franchise player like Oden or Durant is just too attractive.

We could find a half way between winning so many useless games and totally tanking (that I wouldn't like)

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