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If $55 is all the Sixers offered I'm not surprised Iguadala turned it down. They should have offered at least sixty. That said, before the Iverson trade 'dala was just one amongst many athletic but unproven young players in the league. So maybe the Sixers just didn't feel comfortable going higher after just half a season.

Also I thought your preview was spot on. When people go on about talent they forget it's a team game and that the most important "talent" is how a player plays within the context of the team. I figure their chances at making the playoffs are around 35%. It was really nice to see (or rather hear..."WIP. You're Sixer's radio network1") Smith have a nice showing his first time out. And Reggie definetely seems to bring something to the Sixers they've been missing recently. I'm looking forward to getting down to the Wachovia center and actually SEEING the team play. Let's just hope Sammy's foot is or will soon be all better.


There's been no official word on what the Sixers' offer was, other than it was too low, obviously. I'm not going to blast the Sixers for not locking him down, I think it'll wind up being a bad move, but they've been burned by giving long extensions in the past and I guess it was the financially prudent move to wait until the Summer. After all, if he turns out to be the superstar I think he's going to be, they'll still be able to sign him, it'll just be more expensive.

So far, I don't look like a moron for my preview. They've played two tough games against two of the best teams in the East, on the road, and they're 1-1. I've been really, really impressed with their work on the boards especially. It's going to be a fun season to watch, no matter what. I can't wait to get down to Philly to see them in person.

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