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paxton17 on Nov 2 at 2:39

when is someone going to wake up and realize the giambino should be the every 1b?? he can hold his own at first and given a full season i know he will have 30+ homeruns .400+ obp 100+ rbis. no doubt about!!! play the giambinooooo please i want him in the 5 hole end of story

What makes you think the Giambino could play a full season? He's 37, his list of health problems is longer than his mullet, he's a butcher at first, he's slower than you are. I'm praying the Yanks can unload him before the season starts.

Did you notice that Girardi got your number?

Amen to that- Giambi is all washed up.

Good idea, Brian. I like it. Though I think after two years at first, Posada's numbers might be too low to justify that.

Another option at first might be Damon. Let Melky, Matsui and Abreu handle the outfield. Lord knows I would be happy with Damon at first, if for no other reason than to never have to see his pathetic throws from the outfield again. His arm makes Bernie Williams look like Jesse Barfield/Raul Mondesi.

This is a good idea, but I don't think it's going to happen. And I may be the only one, but I would take Sean Casey at first. He doesn't have much pop, but he hits for a decent average and has a good glove. I wouldn't sign him for more than one year though.


Oh my Lord. Sean Casey is just pathetic, if you're going in the no bat, good glove direction, stick with Doug.


I don't think Matsui can hack left in the stadium anymore. He looks so old, and so slow out there. Damon actually did a good job last year, if I have to choose between the two of them, I'd rather see Matsui learn to play first.

Fair enough, but Casey hits for a higher average and doesn't strike out a lot.

damon is the one open to change the most, seeing as he did it a bit last year...

i say damon to first, and trade for crede. a year removed from 35 jacks...pretty good glove i beleive...any takers?

also has anyone read that hardball times article? its pretty interesting. kind of goes against alot of shit brian has been saying...lol. Its interesting as hell though, check it.


Prez, that was a great read, and I was with the writer right up through the Johan Santana trade. If you only give up Melky (not Hughes, Joba, Kennedy or Cano), I'm fine with it. Signing Andruw Jones is a garbage move, though. I also don't like trading for Sexson and Wilson. Moving Jeter to third is not a bad idea, but they'd need someone of value at short.

The Johan trade, in his form, is awesome, but I just don't see the Twinkies going for it.

Here is another name for the 1B job...Carlos Pena. Tampa is STARVED for pitching. I'm sure a straight up deal would work for both teams. I know Pena strikesout..A LOT, but he has the pop in his bat that teams covet AND he plays nice D.

He hit .282 with 46HR and 121rbi this past season. Just a thought

If I had to bet my life on one guy who failed a piss test last season, or will fail one in the near future, I'd go with Carlos Pena. So, yes. Sign him :) He'll fit right in w/ Giambi, Abreu and maybe Barroids when he signs.

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