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Certainly tonight he was. Deng got owned, plain and simple. Not a very impressive first two games for my Bulls. Hinrich and Big Ben haven't shown up yet, and they're missing the energy/rebounding Noah is supposed to give them. On the bright side....what do you think of our guy Tyrus? Not half bad tonight, i think it's because of all the new arm ink he got this offseason.

Just a completely unacceptable loss by the Bulls tonight. You can't lose to a bottom-feeder like Philli (I know they played near .500 without AI last year, i'm sorry, they still have one of the conference's least talented roster). Tomorrow's game versus the Bucks should be interesting.

I stand by the AI statement. Stat-wise, Deng had a small advantage in boards and points last season, Iguodala had a huge advantage in assists, steals and FT%, plus, he's the teams' go-to guy.

Tyrus was the best player on the floor for the Bulls tonight, hands down.

By the way: Igoudala, local guy from downstate Springfield.

"the best game of Tyrus Thomas's life (and I don't mean his life up to this point, I mean this was the best game he will ever play in his entire life, no matter how long he lives)"

LOL. Why you dislike him so much?

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