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Mornin Brian-

Freakin Cowboys. What Can I say except they spoil a lot of seasons.

Anyway I thought I might get your take on a possible move to third for Jeet? Do you think it's too early in Jeter's career to make a move? He could probably handle the move (it worked for Cal).

Are there any shortstops on the market that are enticing? I guess the whole move to 3rd thing hinges on that possibility.

What do you think though?

I'm in favor of moving Jeter to third under a couple of conditions.

1. They need to get a decent bat back to play short, because Jeter's power numbers are going to be below-average for a corner infield position.

2. They need to get a guy with a really good glove to play short. The only reason to make the move is to improve defense at short, because Jeter's range is decreasing.

So if you can get a ss with a good bat and very good glove, then I'm fine with it.

Here's the list of free agent shortstops. (I've also heard that Miguel Tejada is more than available from Baltimore, but he's too old IMO).

David Eckstein (33)
Cesar Izturis (28) - $5.45MM club option for '08
Alexei Ramirez (26)
Juan Uribe (29) - $5MM club option for '08
Omar Vizquel (41)

I don't think any of those guys fit the bill.

Wow, I didn't realize that the crop was so thin for Shortstops. Tejada would leave bmore in a heartbeat if he thought he could go to a winner, but as you pointed out he is too old. Plus Tejada has been on a steady decline of late.

What do you think they do with first? Is Adam Dunn a possibility? I know its a done deal(with the Tigers), but could you have seen Renteria on the Yanks?

One last question, who is available for middle relief? I keep hearing the "Joba will set up if we don't resign Mariano", but we still need someone to get us to Joba or Mariano. Who is that pitcher?

The Reds exercised their club option on Dunn for 2008 ($13M).

Renteria is fine, he's not going to hit for a ton of power, but he plays a good short. He may have fit the bill if you were going to move Jeter to 3rd.

The middle relief market is really, really thin. I suppose Francisco Cordero could be signed to set up, but I'm not too high on him. He's going to want closer money to come here and set up, and I have a feeling we'll wind up with another Farnsworth on our hands.

Linebrink is another guy, but he really tailed off last season. I think we're going to have to go with what we got in the middle relief department, although there is one guy I'd like to see the Bombers trade for: Damaso Marte. JJ brought up his name in a comment a couple weeks back, and he could probably be had for a low-level prospect.

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