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, all the time

plus a cup of coffee for the worst player on the roster (if not in the entire league), Calvin Booth

Jerome James wants to know if you've ever seen him play.

I'd love to see those guys play one-on-one.

Throw in Scott Haskin and make it a game of 21

paxton17 on Nov 6 at 0:24

sixer and eagles suck who cares. we lost andy pettite again... along w a rod , torre , mattingly our yankee nightmare get worse and worse im going to be sick

A game of 21 with those three guys might last hours...

P.S. ... GARBAGE TIME....Bring back the garbage cans for Willie!

very good analysis like always Brian

I was out for a week and it's nice to read your blog for some original point of views about our team

the part where I agree with you the most is when u say that Green's minutes should be cut, and those would go to Carney and YOUNG !!

why our rookie got three DNP-CD is beyond my imagination... maybe I am missing something and we are playing for a title, I have to check

I will post something tonight, after finishing watching our first games (still have to watch the Chi and the NJ ones)

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