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Ok, I'll take a crack at some of this...
First up, I'm not a member of the Jim O'Brien fan club. The guy just comes across as arrogant and I don't see how he can motivate people. How is he viewed by the fan base?

Not sure what to think about Kobe possibly going to Chicago, but my gut tells me that if it was going to happen, it would have already.

I'll add a question to Brian's for SML...What do New Yorkers think of Thomas after the sex harrassment suit? Did it change opinions of him?

And will someone please tell me why Willie Green is a starter in Philly?!


The simple answer is that Mo likes him. The more complex answer is that Carney hasn't progressed, at all. Green is the better option out of those two guys. Lou Williams is essentially the backup point guard, so if you start him, you're forcing Kevin Ollie back into the rotation.

If I was coaching, I think I'd move Iguodala to the 2, and start Korver at the 3. I realize Mo likes bringing Korver off the bench, but Miller, AI, Korver, Evans and Dalembert is his best lineup. Just go with it for 30 minutes/night and see what happens.

JJ: I'll answer your question about O'Brien here. Indiana fans can tend to be fickle. Not as much as other cities and not in the same way, but we do prefer a winner. Another thing Indiana fans want/desire is a coach that doesn't put up with the BS that has been going on around here the last few years. O'Brien seems to be that kind of guy and with a more disciplined team, the wins will come. I've not heard or seen anything negative about him from anyone yet. But, we have 79 more games to go, so we will see! Thanks for the question.

To an outsider, the Pacers just looked like they imploded when Reggie Miller retired. They haven't been the same since. I hope O'Brien is the answer for you guys. He wasn't a good fit in Philly.

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