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Does Reed still have a roster spot on this team? I don't recall seeing him last week.

Agreed that the most disappointing group is the WR/TE, but the QB has to be able to get the ball into their hands, too. McNabb is just ineffective. I'm not one of those folks calling for Kolb, but from what I've seen, McNabb will never be a Superbowl caliber QB after his injury. I wonder if he would do better in Chicago playing in his hometown, as Philly sure isn't showing him the brotherly love. But he isn't to blame for dropped passes and failing to shake defenders. I was really hoping Celek would get more of a chance and show up something. Lewis is just a wasted roster spot.

On the TE question, if you are Eagle brass, do you sign LJ Smith? (I don't think they will).

I'm proud of the D Line and the O Line. McNabb's troubles, for the most part, is not due to poor protection. And the Linebacking corps was my biggest concern before Game one, but they've held their own. As you said, no big plays, but solid.

But this team just lacks punch and explosiveness, aside from Westbrook. Take out the Detroit game and you are left with a really flat team. Andy just doesn't seem to have it in him to motivate them. I live in Montgomery county where his adult sons were sentenced... maybe the judge is right. Maybe he should be spending more time watching his kids. He can't seem to motivate the kids that play for him on Sunday. This team just looks.....

Boss Hot Sauce on Nov 8 at 12:46

I'd agree with you about the linebackers except that on Monday one Steelers player had more production in terms of sacks, forced fumbles and interceptions than the entire Eagles corp has through eight games. They've not been as bad as we thought. But they certainly don't make plays.


L.J. Smith hasn't proved he can stay healthy. I don't think there's anyway the Eagles give him a long-term deal with the type of signing bonus he's looking for at this point. The question is whether they'll have to do that to keep him. I'm not sure what the market will be for him, especially if he doesn't perform the rest of the season.

Reid's off-the-field problems may just be leaking onto the field. It's hard to quantify the effect of a distracted head coach, but they sure don't look ready or motivated out there.


I think my grade of the LBs was probably skewed by the group I'm comparing them to (last year's team). I really like Gaither, but you're absolutely right, they need to make some game-changing plays. That can be said for pretty much the entire defense. They never force turnovers.

Are the receivers this bad or is McNabb just not hitting them? If it's McNabb, will he get more accurate has his knee heals? (If not, then it's time to panic because we're reaching the end of the McNabb era).

I think Curtis and Brown would be fine if there was a real speedster (like say, Donte Stallworth) to stretch the coverage. It worries me how Reggie Brown seemed to better w/Garcia...I don't buy that he's got a "feud" w/McNabb (a rumor on the message boards), but is Donovan locking onto 1 guy too much? (TO, Stallworth, Curtis?)

I'm depressed, too.

McNabb's always had a tendency to bounce passes, the difference between then and now is that he doesn't do the other things (escape from the pocket to buy time, scramble and keep defenses honest) that even things out.

Curtis and Brown seem to legitimately have problems getting off the line, and the deep ball has pretty much disappeared from the playbook this season.

There's just so many things going wrong right now. It's hard to point just one finger.

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