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Glad to see that Thaddeus Young got some playing time in this game. While we'll learn a lot more about him in the second half of the season, I'm glad he didn't suffer another DNP-CD in the midst of a blowout. That said, could someone provide some commentary specifically about Thad's performance beyond what the box score reveals? I'm in London and won't have the opportunity to watch the games until late December. Thanks.


Young was shaky when he first hit the floor (in the third), he immediately turned the ball over, and committed a foul. Cheeks got him out of there pretty quickly.

In the fourth, he got his feet under him, and they actually ran the offense through him for a little while. He had 2 nice drives to the hoop, missed one jumper and snagged 1 offensive board.

He's fast, and smooth out there, and played some tough D. But it's pretty obvious that he's young and unpolished. I expect Mo will get him more and more minutes as he earns them in practice.

"If Kevin Ollie can't get into a 31-point blowout for some garbage time, why is he even on the roster? Just buy him out already"

You would have prefered to watch him on the floor ???

"Coaching move of the night: Calvin Booth, DNP Coach's Decision."

For real...


I'd prefer that he'd retire, or they buy him out and activate Amundson.

I knew, I was only kidding

I would pick the #1 solution you said

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