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I don't see anything gay about that picture, either. Nope.

Osh Smith would be a terrible fit with the Sixers. He's redundant -he's Iguodala repeated. Having one of those guys on your team is terrific. Having two wingmen with great defense is unnecessary, especially one with a terrible shot like Smith (the worst looking jumper in the league). He's a great fit with the Knicks, terrible fit for the 76ers.

You guys need a bonifide perimeter threat, and a low post presence. My advice is sign a cheap jumper shooter (like Kapano last season), and trade for Jermaine O'Neal or a similar player (Brand would be great, too). O'Neal also gives you good defense. The two Dres, plus Jermaine and a perimeter player makes you guys a legit playoff team!

Josh Smith gives the team three top-line defenders, another guy who can run the floor like a mad-man, and a "small" lineup (with Smith at the 4) that no one can match up with.

The ugliest jumpers in the NBA are as follows:

1. Andre Miller
2. Josh Childress
3. Shawn Marion

They're bordering on a legit playoff team right now. I don't disagree about the perimeter threat, but that's secondary. Brand would be a perfect fit, but he'd take the team in a different direction. I don't want O'Neal, and I'm pretty sure he'd ding the trade, like he did with Boston.

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