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, all the time

ahahah, I basically made the same post after watching the game, I just changed the picture

I was so excited to watch LW that I didn't notice he was playing BESIDE MIller, with Green on the bench, good call Brian ! That's a solution I would like to see more often

Since I like to stay positive I would add that Booth managed to score his first point as a Sixer. He's the Kevin Ollie of the big men. But yes, he is horrible. From all possible points of view

The fourth quarter was really fun to watch. They had a super-small lineup on the floor for long stretches: Miller, Lou, Iguodala, Korver and Dalembert. Iguodala was guarding Bosh and Bargnani.

Thanks for the relevante information..Keeped me entertained for ages.

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