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Great piece DF. BUT ' brief stink? ' Was it supposed to be: stint?

Meanwhile, I agree, unless an NL pitcher has a world class WHIP, his first season in the AL could ' whip ' him. That said: this off season better deliver some thrills in the trade dept., because there is potential for some doozies.

I'd hate to see Posada sign with the only MLB team I despise. If he becomes a Mutt, I'll have to dislike him.

There's no talk of Pettite playing for Torre in LA anymore? What kind of deal did Torre get in LA? And Bowa and Mattingly both signed on with him as well?

Juke, Good eyes, it should indeed have been stint, I fixed.

If Sheets can be had at a highly discounted rate (meaning the Yanks give up nothing of value to them, maybe a B-level prospect) I'd do it. He might be worth a shot if the Brewers have completely soured on him. There's no way I'd give up a player who's even remotely in the future plans of the organization, though.

I'd be shocked if it's a quiet Winter on the trade front. I don't think Hank & Hal will let that happen, they want to put their stamp on the franchise.


Torre got a 3-year deal for $13M, I believe. Bowa and Mattingly both joined him, apparently Mattingly is going to be the hitting coach and Bowa will either be the third-base coach or the bench coach. I'm not sure why Mattingly was demoted (he was the bench coach in Philly).

Pettitte has said it's the Yankees or retirement. I don't think he'll go back on that, but you never know.

I wouldn't mind Oakland sending a Crosby/Harden package to Tampa for Crawford.

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