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Do you mean you'll jump off that bridge when you get to it? haha

The Eagles got handed one today. This makes up for them handing the last game to Washington, so call it even. I agree with you that McNabb's bottom line was deceptive, but he looked more mobile in this game, and his legs actually redeemed the fact that he can't hold onto the ##$%
ball or find his receivers.

Here's a maddening scenario. The Eagles should be 5-5 when they play New England. By the looks of them (offensively, at least), they don't even belong on the same FIELD as New England this year. I still think they'll be lucky to be 9-7 by year's end.

But New England's winning streaks have been ended by some of the biggest stinkers in past years.... namely, the Bills and the Dolphins. With that in mind, the Eagles could sneak up on a clearly superior team.

I'm going out on a limb (or a bridge) and calling for New England to get what could possibly be their only loss of the year against the Eagles. I admire New England as a team. But I'd love to see the Eagles hand them a loss.

This is going to sound bad, but I think I'd be happy if the Eagles finished 7-9, as long as the last three wins came against the Pats, Cowboys and Giants. OK, maybe not happy, but at least less angry.

The Eagles are in serious trouble against the Pats, but we have a couple of weeks before we have to worry about that. First, the Dolphins.

Hey Brian, is Nora keeping you up at late hours?

No one in their right mind would expect the Eagles to beat the Pats. There are absolutely no expectations on the Eagles to do so. For that reason, I think the Eagles could do it.

I guess that means I've officially lost my mind. Being an Eagle/Phillies/Sixers/Flyers fan this long has finally cooked the grey matter.

By the same token, no one expects the Dolphins to beat the Eagles. I'll really be pissed if they lose to that pathetic bunch. You're right... they have to concentrate on the Dolphins first.

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