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I just haven't watched a whole Sixers game yet. I'm having a hard time getting into this season. (I'm still mourning the loss of Allen Iverson and our draft selections).

I have yet to see #1 pick Thad Young. From what you've seen, will he ever live up to the #1 pick hype? Does he have the talent to make it in this league?


I think Young definitely has the physical tools to be a star, but he's so young there's no telling if he'll develop them.

He's 6'8", 220 with a giant wingspan. He's fast, he's strong, he can handle the ball and in college he had a nice touch from the outside. If he progresses, we could be talking about a guy who can score on the inside and outside, handle the ball like a point-forward, and play (and defend) 4 positions on the floor. It all depends on his development.

Oh yeah, he's a really smart kid as well. Odds are, he would've been a higher pick the year before, if the league hadn't put the kibosh on high school players making the leap.

I think Mo is doing the right thing with him. Throwing him into the fire right away would've been a bad move, he's learning things, and earning his minutes. Every time he's in, he's playing extremely hard (7 boards and 2 steals in 15 minutes so far this season). I think he'll be in the rotation by the mid-point of the season, and possibly a large part of the team before the year is up.

"Calvin Booth was dropped from the active roster in favor of Louis Amundsson (a move long overdue)"


I like Louis' game...he's a good rebounder and shot blocker and i hope to see more of him...he has good energy.

how many PGs are on the team? i can think of maybe 3..Andre, Lou and K.O...and i think two of them are getting old? will lou take over the 1 soon?


Agreed on Amundsson, I like the energy the guy brings, they should get him in the rotation of bigs. He's much more useful than Booth.

As for point guards, I think you're being overly generous when you say there are 3 on the roster. Ollie is garbage, and he's only seen action in one game. It's Miller and Lou Williams and maybe Iguodala at the point in a pinch. I don't think Miller is over the hill, he's only 30.

The main problem I see with point guards is that the Sixers best offensive lineup has Williams sliding over to the 2 and Miller running the point. Mo can't go with this lineup for too long, because Williams is Miller's backup.

Long term, I don't know if Lou is the answer at the point. He's an explosive scorer, and doesn't necessarily need to be a volume shooter to get his points, but I don't know where he's at with his decision-making. He's cut way down on his turnovers, but the offense looks stagnant with him at the point sometimes. Hopefully, it'll come with seasoning. For the next two years, minimum, they need Miller. He makes the offense go, and there's no one better for Lou to learn from.

for you Amundson lovers, Sixers went on a 0-10 run with him on the floor. His only notable play was a "and one" he gave up to West (if I recall well, anyway...). More details on my blog

the guy is garbage at NBA level, I'm sorry, he can play only in a bad team like Sixers, and as 12th man. A 6'8 center, LOL

I agree with you Brian tht we have to keep Miller until his contract expires to go on developing LW. If he really explodes, than Miller can be traded next year, come trade deadline, he will be an excellent asset then

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