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the guy has ice in his veins. he'll probably let the Yanks sit for awhile just like they left him hanging last year.

I'm not familiar with Hank Steinbrenner's personality... does he have his Daddy's temper? Do you think he'd drop his offer out of anger?


I don't like the petulant superstar. The Yanks didn't extend him, and now it's going to cost them a ton of money. Isn't that retribution enough for Rivera? If they extended him, it probably would've been 2 years, $25M. Just sign the contract and laugh your way to the bank.


I think Hank's immediate "If A-Rod doesn't want to be a Yankee, fuck him." Stance when A-Rod opted out is a pretty good indication that he's got a little George in him.

I can't fault the guy for leaving them hanging for a bit though. If this goes from being a couple of days until a couple of weeks then the Yanks are in trouble. One of the strengths of the Yankees was their ability to pinpoint who they wanted and signing them fairly quickly. With this new 'regime' debuting this off-season, they need to keep doing that. Any sign of weakness and their competitors will gobble them up.

They should have offered him a contract during Spring Training last season.

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