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I really hope that Iguodala will continue to imporve his jumpshot...it's better than before...and if he does, he already has the athletic ability and size to be a similar player like Kobe.

One of the things i noticed with the sixers this season is, they have less "big name" players than last season, and they are making me more depressed that last season T_T

From what I understand, Marbury didn't just miss practice, he was MIA for their game, too.

And just think... Marbury could have and almost was a Sixer. A lot of people had wanted Marbury instead of Iverson. The Sixers made the right choice there, didn't they?

The biggest difference between Iverson and Marbury is that Iverson cared more about winning than anything else. No one ever played harder on the court. Marbury is a space cadet and he seems to care more about himself than anything else.


Keep your chin up. This is a really tough stretch of the schedule, and the Sixers have played much better than could've been expected through it (so far). The schedule will get easier and the wins will come.

Race you to 20 losses?

I'm afraid it would be a short race.

Portland will beat us to 20 losses, if that's any consolation. (Glass half full and all).

I still miss the garbage can scale for Willie.... That was masterful!

He hasn't played that poorly. Iguodala is close to getting a turnover graphic, though.

what about a new graphic with Andre Miller's shots, Brian? he seems to suffer from Willie Green's disease, 16 shots again vs Mavs...

I need 10 games to decide on a new graphic. I'm happy w/ Reggie's boards for the time being.

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