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whoah Brian, I didn't watch the game yet but u sum it up admirably and I have no reason to think it was different that what u said of course

I am impressed by your remarks about Carney, I also saw him "lost" on the last games and maybe he's really the kind of player you say... let's be patient for some more weeks

if KK is really hurt he will have a chance to play more, I have the feeling he's the kind of player that needs more minutes to warm up & be effective, because in short stints he might be garbage, u r right

I agree 100% on Rodney Carney, Brian. It sickens me how you can be that athletically gifted and that bad at defense. Even if your not the best offensive player, you can use your arms and speed to keep people in front of you without fouling! He doesn't seem to have a feel for the game and can't dribble, which leads to, how can be that athletic and can't get to the free throw line?

Was it just me, or did offense just have no clue what we were doing most of the game? It seemed we would dribble and pass around the perimeter until the shot clock got too risky and then would jack up a jumpshot. Maybe we can attribute this to NO's zone type defense that doesn't allow us to penetrate or Mo's simple offense.

I actually think Willie Green has been playing much better than last year. He is the only player that has shown he can make a jumpshot on a consistent basis and he has toned down his jacker mentality. Although last night was one of the worst defensive performances I've seen.

Kyle Korver seems to have had a much easier time scoring late last year and I can't figure it out. I don't think it was Joe Smith's blistering picks and I would think Reggie Evan's picks would be better. Maybe Mo has changed his offensive strategy this year. Kyle will always be a liability on defense and is a streaky shooter. Is that something we are willing to keep. i used to think that the threat would spread the defense but last night when they were clogging the lane and when the defense really needed to be spread, he was ineffective in 5 minutes.

Korver's in a really, really bad shooting slump. The whole offense will look better when he breaks out of it. Hopefully, the injury isn't that bad.

I have some thoughts on the Sixers offense as a whole, I'm going to write a post on this when I get the chance, but the fact of the matter is that teams don't have to honor anything but the lane, they are basically no threat from the outside. They're collapsing the lane and if Iguodala isn't hitting from the outside, it's going to be a long night.

They need to get out on the break more, they need Korver to start shooting like Korver and they need Iguodala to play within himself. Ugh, writing that depressed me. They should win tomorrow night, at least.

How many garbage cans did Willie earn last night?

I know this is past history, but Korver was hot when we had the original A.I. here.....another reason to miss the best little man the game has ever seen.

Nights like last night make you miss him even more.

I heard Kyle will be out 7-10 days. Hopefully he comes back FULLY healed and healthy because he's nothing if he's not.

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