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paxton17 on Nov 15 at 3:31

yehhh baby!!!!!!!! i was the only one who still believed that a rod would be back so u can all choke on it the bronx is title town again !!! now we sign mo and barry bonds to dh and we have the best team ever created. please let andy come back too we need him and mo more that anyone .. yanks will again be the odds on fav to in it all and if any yankee fans boooooo a rod u will have tio answer to me!!!!(i can bench 405) he will end his career as a yankee and the best player in history . can u say MVP again lets go yankeeeeeeeees

Welcome back Alex. You would've been sorely missed.

Now, Let's get down to business and get the pitching taken care of.

Brian, who's available for middle relief?

Why do you think Mo is taking so long to sign? Do think he's a lock to come back?

Aaron, check out the most recent post. Mo is out of his mind.

As for middle relief, there's nothing available on the free agent market, Linebrink is garbage. I guess you could look to Francisco Cordero as a set up guy, but he's going to be too expensive for that role.

The best option is a trade. I like Marte with the Pirates, but I'm not sure they'd move him. I'd love to see the Yanks send Giambi to the Angels for Scot Shields. They need the offense, Shields is coming off a rough year. The Yanks would obviously have to eat some Giambi's contract and get him to approve the trade (he has a full no-trade clause).

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