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What is Mariano thinking? The Yanks made an extremely generous offer and he is holding out?

Just sign on the dotted line and let the front office worry about other pressing needs.

Any predictions?

I think he gets the forth year from the Yanks.


I don't know. I mean we're completely out of the realm of business and sports and into egos, plain and simple. Hank doesn't seem like the type of guy who would cave in to me. He really did make a more-than-generous offer and Mo basically spit on it.

Before I get into this whole 'best baseball player of my lifetime' thing for a guy who plays like 1/3 of the season....

I know what Mo is doing. Two weeks from now he's going to go back to the Yankees and say his agent put him up to this, he really wants to be a Yankee and they will just give him the 3/$45 contract they initially offered. That's how the Yanks do business these days, haven't you heard.

That sounds logical. You gotta love bad precedents.

paxton17 on Nov 15 at 15:05

we must keep mo at all costs we have no shot to win another title without him.. on another note i need help from the depressed fan to tell me what they are saying abot a rod on wfan... i hope im not a small percentg of fans who will not boo a rod.. please give me input to what yankee fans think of a rod now that he came back ..thanks kid...... ps there is no way mike lowel should be a yankee never ever

There are no Yankee fans on the fan, only mets fans. I don't think A-Rod gets booed, the public perception is that he really wanted to be a Yankee, that's why this is getting done, and he's taking "less money" to come back.

Keep in mind, that's the perception. The more I hear about this, the more I think Boras just did a horrible job of reading the market and A-Rod wasn't going to be able to get this kind of money from anyone else.

Either way, the Yanks are a better team with him than without, but either way, we need to fix the pitching to bring a ring back to the Bronx.


if you guys haven't checked out this idea, go peep it. It's interesting. But yea, mo is nuts right now, i think he's bankin on the dodgers, which is stupid as hell.

He'll be back, but it's just annoying as hell right now. He better haul ass next year, especially considering he wasn't the best releiver on our team this past year, as good as he was. What other releiver has a performance dropoff, ages, and gets outperformed, and gets a obscene raise? Ugh, makes me want to puke.

Give Rivera whatever he wants!!!


It was definitely a good read, but I have a problem with a couple of things. If you guys don't want to read, basically they lay out a plan to trade Cano for Johan Santana, in a package, then trade Wang to the Dodgers for Broxton and Loney.

The first problem is that I don't think Loney is as good as Cano, nor do I think he will be. That's minor, because, as I've said, offense is not where the Yanks have problems. The second, and biggest problem I have is that trading away Wang and bringing in Santana is not necessarily improving the pitching that much.

Yes, Santana is a better pitcher, but Wang has won 19 games two years in a row, he goes deep into games and he's generally exactly what you'd love to have in your number 2 starter. Out of these options, I think the Yanks would be much better off making the Santana trade, re-signing Mo and going from there. Get a great glove to play second and go into the season with Santana, Wang, Joba, Hughes and Kennedy as your rotation (I don't think Pettitte is coming back). That's a much-improved rotation, if Pettitte does comes back, it's an unbelievable rotation.

Of course, if I was Cashman, Cano wouldn't be going anywhere. He's your number three hitter from 2009 to 2019.

i'm with you 100 percent. Just givin some food for thought lol

Anybody think Bonds will ever see the inside of a prison cell?

Well, he's rich, so that lends itself to no. But on the other hand, we are talking about tax evasion, and not murder, so they'll probably try to throw the book at him. I'm going to say he'll do some token time, probably a month or two.

What if this has to do with that rule5 draft? Do they save a spot if he doesn't sign yet?

Let's talk sense here...Mariano is sliding fast. Yanks have leverage (Joba)...tell Mo that the offer is now 2 years. Mo wouldn't look good in a Nationals uniform. Deal from a position of strength.

It looks like he's going to accept the deal this weekend, 3 years/$45M. I just don't want this to drag on any more.


If A-Rod doesn't sign by the deadline for the Rule 5, it would technically allow the Yanks to protect someone else in their minor-league system. I think they're already going to dump Pavano to make one roster spot. I'm pretty sure the deal will be finalized by then, though. So the A-Rod situation probably won't help. The Pettitte situation would, though. I doubt he'll make a decision by then.

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