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I watched live and I was impressed Brian. I don't recall seeing a Sixers game like this, honestly

I recall Lakers erasing a 31 point deficit vs Dallas to win the game like two years ago but this was even more surprising

Our team remains a crappy one of course (I also made some of your same critics) but they gave us some real excitement and something to remember for a long time

I'm glad I can say "I was there" :-)

Great post Brian. I agree on all points. Even in that sort audition it proves to me that Thad is way better and more comfortable than Rodney has ever looked. Reggie Evans is too much of a offensive liability to start in my opinion. It's truly 4 on 5 which indirectly means another defender for Andre Iguodala. Jason Smith should start. I also think that Kevin Ollie was a BIG spark with his defensive energy. Hopefully some adjustments are made based on this game because if they aren't, this is bound to happen again.

The best thing about the second half was zero turnovers for Iguodala.

I don't have a problem with Evans starting, but they need to keep him on the weak side of the floor so his man can't easily double off of him. Eventually, Smith will work his way into the starting lineup, but I'm happy with that part of the rotation, for now.

I just want Cheeks to get Thad minutes, cut Green's role and forget about Carney altogether. Maybe even trade him. I'm sure Carney has more trade value than Willie does.

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