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3-point attempts killed the Heat in this game. The Sixers stepped up their defense in the second half and allowed the Heat to take as many 3's as they wanted. Too bad that none of them went in. Jwil took about 10 3's too many. All the missed 3's lead to long rebounds and fast breaks for the Sixers who completely ran the Heat out of the gym. When Shaq is in the middle, the Heat can't run.

Missing Zo has really hurt this team. They run better with him, he's a better rebounder and an awesome defensive force.

This shouldn't be a wake up call for the Heat. The loss against the Pacers should have been. I really don't know what to expect from this team for the rest of the season.

Give the Sixers credit. They came to Miami, were down 19 points and came back with an impressive win against the NBA Champs.

Honestly, I think the injuries are catching up with the Heat. Every time Shaq touched the ball he immediately had 3 guys all over him, you can't do that when Kapono is on the floor. Not to mention the fact that it completely wears Shaq out.

The problem, and this is something Riley is going to have to address even if Wade, Kapono and Zo come back healthy, is that this team is full of guys that love to shoot the three, but don't shoot it all that well.

If they make 1 or 2 extra passes out of the triple-team, there's going to be a layup or a 10-15 foot jumper, but they just settled for the three last night.

Who knows, maybe the Heat will be able to turn it back on come playoff time, but if they play like they did in the second half last night, they're going to have problems in the first round.

Are there any back-to-backs in the playoffs this year? I know they talked about narrowing the timeline for the first round.

brandon on Mar 26 at 7:19

By the way, based on the Sixers/Heat game, I can make an arguement that Willie Green is the best player on the Sixers. It's time to lose the WG Watch.

I don't think that's true. But he did have a good game, I gave him credit.

You mustn't watch them play. Yes they lost company they played terribly..¬.but even if you just watched last nights game you'd see and listen to the egos and selfishnes¬s isn't how they play. Egos off the court sure...although not towards each other. They choked for a lot of other reasons, the biggest being, no heart.

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