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GOOD GOD! If the Eagles lose to this pathetic bunch, they oughta just pack in the season.

I think McNabb's problem is more in his head than his body. He's lost his MoJo.

What do you think of Feeley so far?

It's odd. The way he came out of the locker room, it looked like he was coming back in, then they put a jacket on him. I guess Reid said take the rest of the day off, they don't want him to really get hurt. Feeley is looking equally pathetic out there, so I guess they aren't missing much. The D is playing awesome.

I don't think Reid wants the fans gettin' into McNabb's head. They were already calling for the kid. Now's not the time for the kid, unless you're planning on getting rid of McNabb. Once Kolb goes in, McNabb will forever be looking over his shoulder and second guessed. This is a hard town to play in.

That ball was RIGHT IN SPIKE's HANDS. Gotta make those plays, LBs.

A nice return by Reno 911.

Time for Westbrook.

A few series ago, Curtis got sandwiched. I haven't seen a ball thrown to him since. Is he OK?

Oh there's Curtis....That's a relief.

Why don't they use Tony Hunt? He's even more invisible than Greg Lewis. Didn't they get him for short yardage situations?

Avant looks like he's hurt....

Curtis disappears for long stretches, just like the rest of the receivers. I'm glad Andy finally figured out the Dolphins can't stop the run.

I went on a fridge run... what was the penalty to be assessed on the kickoff? Any word on what is wrong with Avant?

No word on Avant yet. L.J. Smith w/ the penalty and it looks like the Dolphins are going to cash in. Nothing's ever easy.

Supposedly Javon Kearse was deactivated today, and not for injury but because of his play.... is this true?

Westbrook looks slow to get up on his last few carries. Time to take him out before he gets hurt.

I know he was benched in favor of Juqua, I hadn't heard he was deactivated. I thought being benched might've actually motivate him, I guess not.

I haven't seen Kearse all day or heard his name... have you?

Juqua earned that starting position.


I must not be in my right mind. I think the Eagles have a chance at handing the Pats their only loss of the season. That doesn't mean I think the Eagles are going anywhere, I just think they could sneak up on them.

That is if the pathetic Nills don't beat the Eagles to the punch.

I checked on the Eagles website... Jevon Kearse was inactive for the game. He wasn't listed on the injury report, but it might have been because the the knee he had surgically repaired.

Could Kearse be the next high profile Eagle to be released at the end of the season?

Here's an article that makes it seem like the Eagles are going to part ways w/ the freak after this season. In all honestly, his signing and Darren Howard's signing were both huge wastes of money. Trent Cole is the man right now, and Juqua is a definite upgrade over Kearse.

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