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paxton17 on Nov 19 at 0:46

with all he pieces seeming to be back in place this off season isno longer a national tragedy . thank god mo is back ...hope andy will come back for 2 more years to solidify another championship run. id love too see him be the opening day starter in the new stadium too . btw what did mo make last year brian? im curious how much of a raise he got

He made $10.5M in 2007. So it was a healthy $4.5M bump for him.

Pitching, pitching, pitching...that's what the Yanks need now. Screw Pettitte and Mussina. Forget about Chamberlain, Kennedy and Hughes (not really). They need pitching out of the bullpen and another two arms for the rotation. They need to look at how the Padres have done business when it comes to the bullpen. They don't need to overspend for these guys. They just need to find guys with the right splits to get the job done. They are out there. As for the rotation, they need another innings eater, big time. There are going to be times when the young guns struggle and the Yanks are going to need a vet to throw 7,8, or 9 innings just to save the bullpen.


I think Mussina can fill the role of a vet to eat innings to save the pen. In fact, I think that's all he's good for. I don't see them needing two arms for the rotation, 1 innings-eater (preferably a stud, front of the rotation guy) should do it.

You're right about the pen, though. That's where they need to fill the gaps and I really hope they don't look at Gagne as a solution.

Gagne is only looking to be a closer from what I hear.

With all those young guys in the rotation they'll need another arm, or two, because the kids aren't going to be able to throw 200+ innings.

I don't think Mussina is that guy. He hasn't thrown 200+ innings since 2003. (this is why they need Pettitte back)

Yeah, I didn't mean Mussina would be the guy to give them 200 innings, I meant he'd be the guy to make a spot start if one of the rooks couldn't go and/or come in when they get knocked out early. They need another guy they can rely on for 200+ quality innings at the front of the rotation, Pettitte, or someone else.

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