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here is a name you'll love to hate..since you are going with NL pitchers...Livan Hernandez.

Ugh, I suppose you could throw him in the conversation, but I don't think he has the upside you'd get with Wolf. Yes, he'd probably give you innings, but he's basically a junkballer who nibbles and nibbles and nibbles not to mention gives up a ton of hits. I think he's going to probably be more expensive than Wolf too, plus he's right handed.

What about Dan Haren from the A's. Maybe the Yanks should focus on a guy like that that is not in the spotlight and won't command a king's ransom.

Haren would be a great pickup, especially if Billy Beane has his eye on a few non-traditional prospects in the Yankee minor-league system. I highly doubt the deal would get done w/out one of the big three pitchers involved, though.

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