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For the Wizards to coast throughout the game without Arenas tells me the Sixers are in for another lottery pick this year. I have yet to watch more than a few minutes of any of their games as it makes me wince. And never fear... Kevin Ollie is here....

Again, a call for the garbage can graphics for Willie!

I do like the unis though. A bit of an old school/ABA flair to them.

Brian I subscribe your post from A to Z, especially the Carney-Young-garbage time part...

I would just add that Iguodala played like crap and Mo should have pulled him out way earlier in the first half... he stubbornly insisted jacking up 18 footers, that werebn't falling, instead of driving to the basket... he was detrimental to our offense, same as Green (for one night, ok...)

The GM, I also like the red unis, it's a bunch of us now !


The garbage cans are nearing, I'm afraid.


I meant to mention something about that. Iguodala is not driving to the hole at all. There were a couple of times in the first half that he was isolated with Jamison guarding him and he settled for a long jumper. That's a bad sign, he needs to get into the paint.


The unis are sweet, I just wish Rodney Carney wasn't wearing one these days. Willie Green too.

lottery here we come :(

Calvin Booth, 4 minutes played [4 minutes too many]=LOL

Hey Sixer fans,

I was wondering too about Andre not driving to the hole. Do you think it has to do with that back
injury at the end of last season? Could it still be
bugging him?

JJ, I didn't notice that, u may have a point, but his performances are unexcusable


I don't think there's any lingering effects from the back from last year, but I think he's making a concerted effort to score from the outside early, so he doesn't take such a beating this season. The thought being, he can take it to the hole late in the game, when it's really needed, but don't kill yourself in the first quarter, get you points from the outside.

At least that's what it looks like to me, personally I don't agree with that philosophy. I think he should be aggressive whistle to whistle and put the defense in a bad position as much as possible. Something to keep an eye on though, good question.

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