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Jenks is a better, more proven version of Joba. He tied the record last year for most scoreless refief apperances, and might be one of the three best closers right now in baseball. He is easily the Sox best player. He isn't going anywhere, unless its for Hughes and Tabata (?) or Melky, which NY would prolly never do anyway.


I would be shocked -- shocked -- if this deal goes down without the ChiSox demanding at least one of the Big Three.

There's absolutely zero chance the Yankees are going to trade Hughes, Joba or Kennedy for a set up guy. ZERO.

The only way I see this working is if the ChiSox are smoking crack and really want Damon, or if they can't sign Hunter and they see Melky as a center fielder of the future. You don't trade stud SP prospects w/ major league experience for closers, let alone for an 8th inning guy.

If this trade were to take place (with the yanks hopefully giving up a little as possible)would they look to Jenks to succeed Rivera?

If thats the case then what would a fair price tag be?

Jenks being a long term solution seems worth giving up high level talent, no?

I don't mean any of the big 3, but maybe Melky and Horne.

i'd trade one of the OF for jenks. Matsui, Melky, whoever, you name it. no pitchers though, no kennedy, hughes, joba, horne. screw that.

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