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True Sixers Fan on Nov 24 at 5:05

Willie Green is horrible he makes the team go down so much. I think Rodney Carney is ten times better than willie green. I just dont understand why the fn sixers continue to think this guy is micheal jordan when he sucks so bad he should not be getting that many minutes if he continues to play the way he does.

"Willie Green's final line wasn't horrible tonight, but if you watched the game you realized just how useless he is"

thanks.... yes, it was 3 airballs, exactly

I disagree about Carney though, we should give him Green's minutes and see what happens, it's true he's playing really, really bad, but he never had the chances and the minutes WG (for misteryous reasons) had

overall I liked the effort and this is the kind of games that can't leave you disappointed, the guys gave it all

I insist: Iguodala SHOULD TAKE THE BALL TO THE HOOP instead of jacking up 18 footers...

I think I've seen more than enough of carney. When korver comes back there should be no reason for him to see the floor at all.

Eric-Passion & Pride on Nov 24 at 20:32

Amen brother. If your watching the golden state game, you saw how bad he is. Billy king's decent draft record has been tarnished a little by the disappointment named Rodney Carney. Talk about Iggy jackin' up 18 foot jumpshots, he's takin 18 foot floaters! He can't dribble. He is a living testament that athletic ability means squat if you don't have fundamentals.

True Sixers Fan on Nov 24 at 22:56

We gotta give carney a chance though. he is still fairly new in the league. The only reason he is jacking up shots is because he is trying to prove to the coach that he is a talented scorer(in doing so he is taking ridiculously horrible shots)and he is taking these shots because he thinks he has to score fast because he thinks he will be taken out of the game if he doesnt prove his self. I think if he gets consistant minutes each game he will show how good he actually can be.


That's how I felt about Carney last year, but he's actually regressed. I just don't see him ever being anything more than a physical freak who could maybe come in for a little energy for like 5 minutes/game. He doesn't even play enough defense to warrant that, though. Thad Young may only be 19, but he looks composed out there, and he doesn't look like he's going to have a heart attack every time the ball is in his hands. Carney just is not a natural on the basketball court, and I don't think it's something he's going to pick up at this point, he was a 4-year college guy, if he was going to turn into a legit player, he'd be further along right now than he is.

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