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That is a spectacular pic, Brian! Until I can get into basketball and watch a full game, I enjoy reading your reports on the Sixers. Shouldn't this have been a game on the schedule they should have won, however?

When is Randolph coming back from injury? And how does Jason Smith look? There were some high hopes for Smith... do you think he'll live up to expectations?

And from what limited play I've seen, WHY are Louis Admundson and Calvin Booth taking up roster spaces on this team?

LOL I can just make "copy & paste " of your posts because I basically write the same things after every game... I can't stress the importance of FTs enough...

I don't like to say this but Carney is stealing WG the spot of MDP (Most Detrimental Player) of the roster

hey, Garbage had 5 assists by halftime !!! FIVE !!

One important thing u didn't mention: rebounds. Sixers had a 29-19 edge by halftime and got outrebounded 54-47 at the end: this means the partial was 35-18 Warriors in the second half + OT. And Evans & Smith were on the bench for the whole second part

Azubuike & Biedrins gave GSW a lot of second chances, that hurted us a lot


Shav was active last night, but didn't play (he took Booth's seat on the bench). Smith has looked good. I had this one as a loss mainly because I thought the Warriors were going to build on their strong finish last year.


Good point on the rebounding. When the Warriors came out with a 13-0 run, Cheeks went small and stayed that way for the rest of the game. It worked in every aspect but rebounding. If he had used Thad Young instead of Green or Carney that might've helped.


I just read on Narducci's blog that Sixers got outrebounded 19-9 in the 4th, btw

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