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I've already acknowledged I'm not in my right mind. I think the Eagles have a chance of beating those Pats.

The Pats have every reason to win. They have the most dominant team I've seen in years....maybe that I've ever seen. They have more talent, better coaching and they're playing at home. If they don't win the Superbowl this year, something went terribly wrong.

But the expectations become higher and higher with each dominating win for the Pats. The pressure is on them to be perfect, especially playing at home. 22 point favorites?! They weren't even given those odds against the lowly Nills. That's a lot of pressure to not only win, but to win big.

But when everyone expects you to not only win, but to crush your opponent, that does something for the opposition. It frees them of all expectations. Add to that the fact that no one in their right mind holds the opinion that A.J. Feeley is on par with McNabb and a starting QB.

If McNabb was to start, I'd say it was a guaranteed loss for the Eagles. McNabb's head is in deflecting criticism on his game. His mobility has diminished (although he had a few good scrambles here and there), but physical limitations aside, he's played like he's looking over his shoulder and his fragile ego still hasn't come to terms with Kolb being drafted (personal opinion). I don't think his struggles are related to his injury/limitations as much as they are in his head.

Feeley isn't expected to win this game. There's limited tape/footage available on him, and some of that is when he was a Dolphin. No one expects much of him. No one is going to come down and call for his job if he loses this game.

And when everything so blatantly points to a Pats win, it just means they're primed for a good smack upside the head. Hopefully the Eagles will be the deliverer. Still saying 24-17, Eagles.

As of noon today, the spread is now at 24 points. Predicted score: New England 37, Philly 13. Talk about an uphill battle... if the Birds pull this one off, it will be the biggest upset of the season.

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