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Hunt's inactive. Not sure why. Great start, huh? Westbrook looked good on that run, maybe they just hand him the ball every play from here on out.

Plenty of great football today! I'm psyched for this game (again, not playing with a full deck).

Is Tony Hunt still on the team? He's been MIA for quite a while.

WOW... That isn't a good thing. Do you think if Feeley really blows it that we'll see Kolb?

Still optimistic,

WOW, Reid's running back kicks... if he gets hurt, we're out our another starter (albeit 3rd string) and that's scary as they'll be down to the water boy at that point. What about Buckhalter... hasn't he returned kicks before?

I don't think we're going to see Kolb tonight. And I think that's probably a good thing. Don't want him to see his first action in this situation.

You know what the best thing was about this score?

They kept New England's Defense on the field for over eight minutes.... wear 'em down.....slow 'em down. High scoring games favor New England....


Why didn't the Eagles keep Jabbar Gaffney? He's better than Greg Lewis. Ex-Eagles always hurt us, don't they? (Thrash, Gaffney, Owens)

Reed fell down on that 33-yard completion to Gaffney. Unreal.

There's Buck back to return the kickoff.

Jabbar Gaffney is hurtin' us. Bagachick looks like a freaking genius. He's using his last receiver on the depth chart! Who would be more motivated to beat the Eagles than a guy they cut in training camp last year?

Your predicted final score may the score at the half.

Yeah, but a high scoring game doesn't help us.

But if Feeley could lead the Fins to victory against the Pats, he could do it here.....

Another Greg Lewis catch. Greg Lewis is looking like Randy Moss. Woulda thunk it?

Isn't it great how flabbergasted Madden and Michaels are in the fact that the Eagles aren't laying down and dying?

Feeley is my hero.

I remember that game that Feeley lead the lowly Dolphins over the Pats. The Pats, for all their might, have been beaten by some of the worst teams over the past five years... the Nills, the Jets and the Fins. Surely we're better than any of them....

Did you see Gaffney make the wing flapping motion after his TD? Isn't that taunting? Owens got called for that before against the Eagles.

I was too busy trying to figure out why they didn't review it.

did you guys see gaffney on the sidelines saying fuck these motherfuckers fuck em for real fuck em..i hope jr reed takes his head off

Yeah, I was wondering why they didn't review it, but it's A. the New England Patriots, and B. their home field. There is such a thing as the home field advantage.

Reed is laying some wood out there. We need stops. The O is clicking, just get a stop or two.

WHOA!!!!!! The Football gods must be Eagle fans! Offensive Pass interference on Moss!

Steve, did you see Gaffney waving his arms to imitate the Eagles flapping after his TD? Isn't that taunting?

OH S**T! What happened to Reed, Brian? What scrub is his backup?

Love that flea flicker to my boy Hank Baskett!

They haven't said what happened to Reed yet. His backup is off the practice squad, undrafted, I believe.

Time for an INT from Gocong or Gaither. There haven't been any INTs from our LBs yet this year, have there?

Not a one. The LBs have played well in general, just haven't made many impact plays. This would be a great time to change that.

Welker may be hurting us, but Gaffney is killing us. Time for that INT to be run back by the D

A friend told me on Thanksgiving something about McNabb commenting to the media not to blame him for the Eagle troubles, but to blame Reid and his distractions. I hadn't heard anything about this... have you?

Hadn't heard that comment from McNabb. 19 seconds.

Helluva game. Eagles earned some pride and respect here and played well.

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