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I do NOT want Cameron. Put a freakin' dumpster out there, if it comes to him or nothing. Rumors include the Twins wanting AJax. No way! I want to see him & Gardener both in the NYY OF someday soon. So, if they'll take Melky, and I agree it would be a sacrifice to let him go, it might need to be done.

That said: I still rather give up the good kids for Scott Kazimir. I've got a hinky feeling about J. Santana.....

Michael Bourne would have been a great option, had the Phils not given him away for a head case. I agree with you that Andruw Jones is done, the best option of the short term solutions is Aaron Rowand, but I'm kinda hoping he gives the Phils a hometown discount and stays here...

What about....Corey Patterson. he plays great D, but you'd have to hit him in the 9 hole.


Patterson would be a good stop-gap, provided he's willing to sign a one or two-year deal for a reasonable price. I'm not too worried about offensive production from that spot, I just want someone who can run the ball down and doesn't throw like a girl.


If Rowand knows what's good for him, he'll stay in Philly. He's not going to put up numbers like that anywhere else, and the Phils have a young nucleus that can compete for years to come. As for the hometown discount, it's rare these days.


I'd tend to agree with you on Kazmir except I don't think any rational GM can deal with that team. They absolutely insist on raping their trade partners, and I'd expect their asking price to match the Twins' for Santana, if not exceed it. Personally, I think trading Kazmir is just about the worst thing that team could do right now. They've got the young hitting core, all they need is to add a few more arms and they'll be competitive for the first time in their existence. Trading their ace is just silly at this point, unless they know something we don't about his arm/work load.

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