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The irony here being, Pohlad uses money to wrap his money! This possible Santana deal or no deal, not the ARod contract, will be the test of ' Steinbrenner: The Next Generation.'*

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Odds we actually end with Santana brian?

Odds we end up with Santana without having to give up too much?


Well said. This is definitely his first test.


Tough to tell. Rumor has it, he wants to come to NY, and he does have a full no-trade, so maybe the market for him will be softer than expected. I think if the Mets offer Reyes the Yanks have no shot, and I would offer him if I were them. Right now, I'm putting it at 50/50 he comes to the Yanks. I get the feeling Hank wants him. Odds of the deal getting done without Cano, Hughes or Joba included I'm putting at 60/40 against, mainly because I think Cashman will look for any possible way to get it done w/out those guys included. It may be a dealbreaker.

Thanx for the incite. Also wanted to commend you for your post about AJ as quarterback. (actually all your Eagles posts) I am not an Eagles in the least but your coverage and over all knowledge of the team makes for a great read.

Good stuff.

I've said Santana is the best pitcher in the league for a long time. He has been, for about 4 years now. There isn't much that you could offer that's really "too much" for a player like that.

I wouldn't trade Joba. He's too valuable, because even if he doesn't pan out as a starter, you know he's a proven stud reliever with top closer potential. But Hughes? I like him, but really... this is a no-brainer. I can't think of a single player (even Miguel Cabrera) who I would applaud a trade of Hughes for, other than Santana. Pitching wins in the playoffs. And, on the Yankees, 25 wins a season is reasonable.

If they could do if for Kennedy, not Hughes, that would be ideal. And savvy. I wouldn't bet on it, though.

At this point, there are only two responses:

1. Did we get Santana? If yes, cool. If no, why not? If we "lose" him to the Sox or Mets, then we really screwed the pooch.

2. If yes, then how much did we give up for him. There isn't a bad answer, but admittedly some packages (Hughes or Joba plus Cano) will hurt more than others (Kennedy and other prospects).

A little over ten years ago, the Red Sox traded their top prospects for Pedro Martinez (in a similar situation). Think they cared what happened to their prospects?

Those two "can't miss" guys were Tony Armas Jr and... Carl Pavano.

There are no guarantees in baseball (even Santana)... there are only better bets, and, no matter how much faith you have in Hughes, Santana is a better bet.


Good points, but there are differences between the Pedro deal and a potential Johan deal. Pedro was only 26, and coming off the best year of his career, trending upwards. Neither Pavano nor Armas had made it to the big leagues yet, so they were nothing more than potential.

Johan is coming off his worst season as a starter, and trending down (even though his numbers are still sick, they aren't as good as they were 2 or 3 years ago). Hughes and Joba are M.L. ready right now, we aren't talking about projected upside, we've seen them and they're ready right now. Much less risk involved with them than there was with Pavano and Armas Jr.

The Sox signed Pedro to a six-year deal with an option for a 7th which payed him through his age 33 season. The Yanks would be signing Johan to a similar deal (for about twice the money) which would keep him in pinstripes through his age 36 season.

Pedro was a less-risky acquisition at the time, and the asking price was much lower. If the Yanks could get this done for two of their top prospects in the minors, even if they're named Austin Jackson and Jose Tabata, I'd be completely in favor of that. It's giving up guys who are already up here, with HUGE upsides that makes me balk.

As for losing him to someone else, I could care less if he goes to the Mets, that won't affect the Yanks unless they face the Mets in the series. I don't want him going to Boston, for obvious reasons. What I absolutely do not want is the Yanks to have the attitude that they absolutely have to get Santana, cost be damned.

This has to do with the yanks roster you posted. I know your a fan, but how can the yanks shell out 21M for a DH. that is more than jeter and posada. Giambi is not exactly one of those guys you can always count on.

If they could get rid of Giambi, they would. Hell, I'd even eat most of his salary if they could get something useful in return. He's garbage at this point, and he isn't even a DH as the roster stands right now, he's a lefty bat off the bench.

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