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AGAIN YOU LOVE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF! If the Yanks get Johan without giving up hughes or joba, i'd be very surprised.

AND YOU'RE GETTING NATHAN TOO! Jesus Brian, now you have typing in all caps. That trade is just 100% retarded for Minnesota. Why not just throw in Pavano while you're at it.

You're basically talking about trading for the right to pay Johan $150M and a one-year rental on Nathan. For that you're giving up an All Star #3 hitter, a quality pitching prospect ready to go into the rotation now, an 18 year-old phenom with a HUGE upside, and a guy everyone is projecting as a closer down the road. That doesn't sound crazy to me. None of these guys are marginal prospects.

Yes, Hughes and Joba are two of the best pitching prospects in the game, but that doesn't mean the yanks have to give them up to get a deal done.

You got this trade all wrong. This is about the Rays (not the D-Rays anymore) making Kazmir expendable so he can go back to his rightful place in Flushing.

Tampa is straight stupid for making this trade.

With Kazmir, Shields, Sonnanstine, and David Price, they have a nice core of pitching. Yes, it will take a year or two to realize that full potential, but they are not going to be pushing to contend by getting rid of Delmon for Garza.


They'll always be the D-Rays to me, and I'd love to see the Mets trade Reyes for Kazmir. It would be a fitting end to the best trade in the history of sports, Victor Zambrano is smiling somewhere.


I like Garza a lot, and the D-Rays don't lack hitting, they lack pitching. I think this was a pretty good deal for them. Delmon Young has never seen a pitch he doesn't like, that's going to limit his production, somewhat.

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