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the line of the night were Green's 7 free throws, I guess last time he had so many was at high school...

I was impressed by Jazz ball management, they had 32 assists out of 39 baskets (is this an all time record or what ?) and countless lauyps.. their circulation is wonderful, they really play like a team, it's a pleasure to watch

overall not a bad game by Sixers, we simply missed too many shots that we usually make (a couple of layups, Korver's open threes u mentioned etc)

Yep, it's tough to watch them play well against good teams and come up just short. You don't want losing to become a habit, even if you're playing well.

Eric-Passion & Pride on Nov 29 at 15:53

Nice to see that the effort's there though. The wins will come around...hopefully.

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