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I would like to see Santana in pinstripes but not at the cost of auctioning off our future.

let the bidding war begin.

If the Sox give up Ellsbury, it would be a huge mistake, and I don't see Epstein making that move. The Yankees probably need Santana more at this point, so I'm okay with them getting him if that's what happens. I'll write up more detailed thoughts on the matter later.

Honestly, I think we're getting out of the realm of reality. These teams are talking about trading away 2 or 3 blue chip prospects basically for one year of service from Santana and the right to negotiate with him for an extension. The Twins must be loving it, but I sure hope Cashman, and Epstein for that matter, take a step back and look at what they're giving up.

From an outsiders perspective, I don't understand what the big deal is about Ellsbury. I'm looking at his Minor League stats right now never had an OPS over .850 when he played more than 17 games. I understand that he's lighting quick and all that, but to me he's a 24 year old light hitting outfielder that will turn into Nick Markakis at best, no? Am I missing something? Lester has had issues with his control throughout his career. I just don't see how the Twins can't get more than those guys? Kennedy and Hughes would be much better 'gets' than Lester based on their minor league stats.


I agree w/ you on Kennedy and Hughes being better than Lester. I don't think it's really even that close. With Ellsbury, it looks like they've got a guy w/ great speed and a great eye, his OBP in the minors was impressive, but you're right, he probably isn't going to provide any power. He's pretty similar to the Yanks' AAA center fielder, Brett Gardner, when you look at their stats. Ellsbury is definitely better than Crisp, he's young and he's cheap. I think that's why Boston is possibly over-valuing him.

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