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Does this mean Phil Hughes instead of Ian Kennedy, or including Ian Kennedy?

And if Melky Cabrera is included in the deal as originally thought, that might mean Aaron Rowand is your next centerfielder.

Ace pitchers are a tricky thing to trade for. Last year's big free agent, Barry Zito, was disappointing. For every one pitcher that succeeds there are a bunch of Joe Cowleys. I'm not sure Johann Santana will live up to his steep price tag.


I've been hearing all week that Rowand will probably be a Yankee if Melky is dealt. I just hope they don't sign him to too long of a deal.

Sorry, forgot to answer the first part. My understanding is that Hughes would replace Kennedy in thee offer, so Hughes, Melky and a prospect.

The only way I could stomach losing Hughes and Melky at this point is if the deal includes Nathan as well.

When i heard this, the first thing i thought is that the Yanks are upping their offer in the media, only to try to get the red sox to throw in Ellsbury or Buchholz.

Interesting theory, Rickhouse. That would be gangsta.

I'm okay with including Hughes in the deal. This is probably the only scenerio that justifies dealing Hughes. Santana is the best pitcher in baseball. He's not overused. He hasn't pitched over 120 pitches in any game in years; he pitches efficiently.

He's Venezuelan, which means he's do fine in NY... he'll be among a couple of countrymen (Bobby Abreu, plus Luis Sojo I think). He won't care too much about the pressure, because he probably doesn't read the English newspapers too much. He'll be like a quiet Pedro Martinez, but still in his prime.

And I think the Yankees would be the odds on favorite to win the World Series next year. Not to mention that these four could all be really good starters for the next four years: Santana, Wang, Joba and Kennedy. Somebody top that.

I'll miss Melky in the OF, but... Jose Tabula will be here within 18 months, so think of it as creating the opening for him (since Damon and Matsui aren't going anywhere for a while, and Abreu is still around for at least one more season).

We can sit around and wait for Hughes to develop, and hope he plays to his potential. Even if he does, and I mean if he actually fulfills his fullest potential... he'll still only be 90% of what Santana is now. It's not reasonable to expect that Hughes will ever be a three-Cy Young winner (which is what Santana should be), okay?

Yes, there is always the potential for Santana to break down, but at this point, I actually think Hughes is more fragile.

Finally, you could argue that over the next ten years, Hughes might be better. But you can't argue that Hughes will be better than Santana over the next five years. Only if Santana is injured... otherwise, no matter how well Hughes does, Santana will do better over the next five years.

I think it's alot to offer, but I would still make the deal. And I trust Stick more than Hank or Cashman....

Now there's a rumor going around that the deal is Hughes, Melky AND Kennedy. Here's the link.

I might shoot myself if that happens.

hi, I'm not here to comment on this. I sent you an email today to the tryouts address, and just wanted to make sure that you got it.


I haven't gotten anything at the tryouts address in the past 24 hours. You can try to resend to brian@blogsbyfans.com


I sent you the same one to that address. Thanks

If i'm one thing, it is a ganster.

did you get that one?

Yooo, i've got a good question for you Brian,

Would you rather see the Yanks acquire Johan for PH, Melky, and change or see the Red Sox get him for Clay, Lester, and Coco? If you had to make one of these deals go through, which would it be?

Also, we should do talking baseball: OFFSEASON ADDITION. That'd be fun.


That's a tough call. Given those choices, I'd probably have to say give up Hughes and Melky and get Santana. I don't want him going to the Sox.

Of the three pitchers were talking about going to the Twins here, I think Hughes is by far the best, and that's why I hate giving him up. The thing is, I don't think the Sox are willing to give up Clay in this deal, so the Yanks basically topped their own offer, which was already topping the Sox offer. I hope they're exploring other options right now, like putting together a package for Bedard or Haren.

Mike, got the email that time.

Hughes, Melky AND Kennedy is too steep a price. It reeks of Von Hayes 5 for 1 deal... walk away! As Rickhouse suggested, drive up the price in the auction, and let Boston be left holding the bag and giving up way too much. Buckholz is a great young pitcher.... I can't see how they'd part with him.

One thing this should do... it should make those scouts work on finding a blue chip LHP for the minors. That is the chink in the Yankee armor. For all the talent they have, they don't have Left handed pitching.

So, did I make it? I'm very sorry to be having this conversation on here, but my email is kind of acting up.

BTW, I think that the Twins should hold out so that the Red Sox can up their offer, making the Yankees give either Hughes and Kennedy, or Cano


I'd love to see a young lefty emerge in the Yankee system, but I don't think it's critical. I'm more concerned with just developing good pitchers.

I also read today that the Yankee offer has a timer on it. If the Twins don't accept quickly they're going to move on to Haren or someone else. At this point, I think the best possible outcome is that the Twins don't get a deal done at all, he stays in Minny and the Yanks get him as a free agent after the season.


I responded to your email. If the Twins try to hold the Sox up for more they may lose the Sox and the Yanks, and be stuck with the Mets or the Dodgers possibly, as suitors. I wouldn't mind this outcome at all, to be honest with you.

BOSox are giving Minny their choice of Ellsbury or Lester.

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