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IMO, I don't think it's an injury problem at all with McNabb. I think it's a bruised ego and problems in the head that's holding him out. Our Philly Daily News headline for Thursday was a pic of McNabb, and the word "FICKLEDELPHIA." McNabb's comments were that people in Philly have a short memory if they want A.J. Feeley as their QB.

Short memory? That's a load of bull. Philadelphians just want their team to win. People screamed for Cunningham to start when Jaworski was here stinking up the joint later in his career (I was one of them) so before McNabb plays the overused race card, it doesn't matter what your color is, only that you win the damn game.

The Eagles played well with Feeley last week. Feeley doesn't play like a man looking over his shoulder, he plays like a guy just happy to be out there. The same goes for Garcia last year... the Eagles played better with Garcia than they did for McNabb.

Maybe players are tired of the constant whining and QB controversy too. Maybe it's time for McNabb to play in Chicago in 2008 where he'd get a fresh start and be received as the hometown hero.
I don't dislike McNabb, but I think his chances of winning a Superbowl here are about a snowball's chance in hell. Maybe it's time for rebuilding... shudder.

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