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Reno Mahe, J.R. Reid and Greg Lewis were the team Captains. Numbers 51, 52 and 53 in terms of value on the roster. That sets the tone, doesn't it?

I can't believe those picks. Feeley is not making good decisions.

What gets me is the pass that was right in Takeo Spikes hands! I was on the way home listening to Mike Quick and Merle Reese, and they said he had it and dropped it!

Our LB have no interceptions at all this year...that's sad. How many winning teams have LB with no INTs?

No INT's and only 1 sack. The ball hit him right in the bread basket.

They're not playing badly, they just aren't making any big plays.

This is a game of plenty of errors on both sides. It's anyone's game. Pass Interfernce, ball on one yard line. That was a gift.

Oh... meant the LB aren't playing badly. (Another brain burp).

White Lightning strikes again!

One thing Feeley doesn't lack is cujones and confidence. He'll throw right into double coverage and has done so several times.

You can't turn the ball over like this, you just can't. If you get the ball back, just give it to Westbrook and let him work.

Another pass right in our LB hands, this time, Omar Gaither, DROPPED. Good play following by Gocong, though.

Is Tony Hunt even on the team anymore? I never see him. That 1st and goal before the half was the perfect situation for him.

It's been weeks since I've heard Hunt's name.

Me too. Is he hurt? I'll check the website, although if he's hurt, it must be from getting splinters in his butt sitting on the bench.

Hunt is listed as inactive for the game, but there are no injury reports on him. It might have been a coaches' decision to inactivate him.


I hate sports.

Man, this is worse than being a Bills fan. BTW, what did the Nills do today?

i really hope everyone sees why feeley is a backup.. and this better shut everyone up about getting rid of mcnabb he would have had zero picks today.

The Bills beat the Skins.

Feeley isn't the long-term answer for the Eagles, but neither is McNabb. Not unless they make major personnel changes around him, and I don't think the team is prepared to go out and get dominating wide receivers, even if they could.

I hear ya Brian but at least for the rest of the season it shouldnt be a question who starts. I would even give Mcnabb one more season because of the two year acl rule. Hopefully Cleveland, Tampa, and the Giants win today and keep our slim hopes alive

McNabb would likely have been sacked at least a half dozen times with one or two fumbles and picks. I'm convinced he's been playing looking over his shoulder the whole year. I don't dislike him, but don't think he's the leader this team has needed and has never been. He's tremendously talented, but has had a problem with nerves on the field since his days in Syracuse when he used to throw up on the field frequently.

This is not a town for a sensitive guy. Let him play in his hometown in 2008. What do you think Chicago might give up to get him?

The Eagles need to go get a game breaker on the outside and bring back the Jersey Shore Offense(circa Jon Gruden). Use that big line and your backs, and let McNabb use play action. It isn't exactly rocket science here. Just go get somebody who can run by most corners on the outside that keeps the safeties deep.

JJ, McNabb has a problem with nerves? Throwing up means you have bad nerves? Wow... I could list all the all-time greats in different sports who had the same "issue," but I won't. Your comment is just completely and totally off-base, considering just how many comebacks he's led. There was an article in today's Inquirer that crystalizes the issue to me, and it harkens back to comments made by some of the players last year when McNabb went down. The problem is that the skill players(except 36) don't man up and ball when 5 is there because they realize that Donovan takes all the heat and responsibility on himself. They constantly expect him to pull a rabbit out of a hat instead of consistently meeting him halfway. How many times has Reggie Brown failed to come back to the ball? Curtis is supposed to be a speed threat, but can you remember how few times he has legitimately beaten the corner deep? And LJ has been erratic and missing in action. And that doesn't even include a defense that has forgotten how to get takeaways, and therefore, the offense rarely gets good field position.

Bottom line, you put some better playmakers around 5 with a more 36-centric approach that takes advantage of your maulers upfront, and this team could go places next year.


I don't think I disagree with what you're saying here, but I think you're describing a big part of the problem. If the players around him aren't motivated when he's in there, then he's not a good leader. Simple as that.

As for using a more 36-centric approach on offense, I had that exact same thought last year after Garcia's run. I was positive Reid had learned his lesson and we'd see a team dedicated to running the ball this season. It didn't happen until McNabb went down. Probably not McNabb's fault, but it doesn't really matter whose fault it is when you have bad results.

The peripheral players perform better when McNabb is not under center. That's why I think they need to find a new solution for next year.

As for the rest of this season, you have to play him if for no other reason than to keep his trade value high.

I don't dispute that McNabb is very talented and has won some big games. And yes, his receivers don't rise to the occasion and Andy sets McNabb up for failure to a certain point with such a pass heavy offense. Andy's arrogance and stubbornness on sticking with his game plan are a big part of the problem.

Yes, I agree that our receivers need to man up. But what of all those bounced passes thrown behind them, and what of all the sacks that makes a strong offensive line look bad because he just doesn't get rid of the ball?

I think McNabb still has good playing years left in him, but I don't think they're going to be in Philadelphia. He's playing like he's looking over his shoulder. This is a fickle city and the fans aren't going to stand behind McNabb if the Eagles lose, fair or not. This team was given up for dead when McNabb went down last year and they rallied around the less talented Jeff Garcia last year and won. And this team played great lead by Feeley against the Pats in New England, even though they lost.

Feeley is not the long term answer. It's too early to know if Kolb is going to be the answer.
But McNabb, as this team looks right now, is not the answer. It's a pity that the fans of this city and its media have turned but they have. Even if we won all the rest of their games, they finish at 9-7 and most likely miss the playoffs. I think he's lost the team and the city. Time for a fresh start both for him and the Birds, before it gets even uglier.


I guess the question really comes down to whether or not you are ready to blow it up then. Because dumping McNabb is essentially saying we've have no shot to win at all for the next 2-3 years easily. If that's the case, you might as well dump 36 too, because he'll be ancient in running back years before you get good again.

I do think the fact that Reid has done McNabb a disservice is much more relevant than you are saying though. If they ran a more ball-control centric style while letting McNabb use playfakes that the D has to honor, he would be more effective.

IMO, the answer lies in getting receivers who can make plays consistently, or at least one burner on the outside who can scare the D. Say what you want about him, but his numbers while Owens and Stallworth were here tell the story. You give him a consistent home-run threat, and he becomes much better.

No one is saying McNabb is a pinpoint accurate passer, but he's not horrible. However, receivers just are not coming open consistently. AJ had the same issue today, except he forced some throws that he was lucky to get away with.

It's a tough situation. I guess we're going to have to see what Kolb is made of.

I'd hate to see them blow the whole thing up, and I don't think they have to. Like you said, they have 36, who is one of, if not the best back in the league. They have a good offensive line, and they have skill guys who can achieve some success in this system. I think the key is getting a guy who can run that system efficiently, like Feeley did last week, without making stupid decisions, like Feeley did this week.

Maybe it's Kolb, who knows. We're going to have to wait and see. I just don't see this team taking a step forward with McNabb unless they get a game-changing wide receiver next season. I think they could take that next step with the team as currently constructed, if they get an accurate passer who can play within the system and use the draft to shore up the DBs and LBs.


I would say McNabb is playing like someone still working through a major injury and figuring out what he can and can't do because of it. People forget, the reason he's always held the ball was because he had a knack for making something great out of thin air. That is years worth of instincts that is hard to work past.

Plus, I do think people gave Garcia much too much credit last year. The reason they got better was that they rode 36 and that big line and allowed Garcia to manage the game. It also helped that the home-run threat on the outside(Stallworth) helped to keep teams honest. His pure speed scared teams.

McNabb is still one year out from an injury that takes 2 seasons to come back from. So, I've been okay with his play this year. I do think that having pedestrian receivers hamstrings him. Hell, if Reggie Brown had Charles Johnson's or Small's aggression toward the ball, he'd be something. Instead, for both Don and AJ, he waits for the ball to come to him. Curtis is a good #2, period.

I do not see where you think he's lost the team though. I see it more as a lack of accountability for certain players(i.e. Brown, LJ) than a team-wide issue.

Regarding the fans & media, if the Eagles allow them to run the best QB in franchise history out of town, then Reid deserves to follow him. Sometimes majority opinion means that all the idiots are on the same side.


It depends on your definition of success, because I don't think this team has a good enough defense or special teams to win with a game-manager system guy. And by win, I mean get back to the Show with a good chance to bring it home, year in and year out

I guess we just disagree then, because it might be easier to find a potential gamebreaker then revamping the defense. I'm not asking for a pro-bowler at wideout, just saying to make that safety think twice. But the offense should be more balanced.

I think, with a true burner outside, it should be a 50/50 run/pass ratio. Westbrook should be 20-25 touches, Buck should be 10-15, Hunt 5-10, with these numbers changing depending on game situations and who's hot. Pound the ball, then let McNabb use play-action and that cannon to find the burner(s) streaking deep. Or, move 36 around the formation to create confusion for Buck's rushes. They don't deploy BWest out wide much this year. If they balanced out the offense, they could get back to that.

That would be a dynamic offense that just needs them to find that guy. They had Stallworth, but let him go. They need to find another burner.

I would've agreed with you a couple of years ago, in fact, I was defending McNabb for most of this season. Now, I just don't think he's the same guy anymore. I think the injuries have taken too much of a toll, physically and mentally.

mad dog on Dec 4 at 0:09

Dude. Be a man. Waiting for the apology. Donavan's a very, very good quaterback by the stats, and I know that's not everything. You said, "ignore the stats, dump the good stats guy for the the guy with bad stats and a heart." So, where's the "you told me so?" Be a man.

I don't think I said ignore the stats etc., or anything about A.J.'s heart. What I said was that he gets rid of the ball quickly, and plays within the offense better than McNabb has. What I saw this week was a guy that made bad decisions with the ball, which is something McNabb definitely doesn't do.

That's pretty much the extent of it for McNabb at this point, though. He doesn't turn the ball over. I still don't think that's enough for this team. Their defense isn't that good, and they don't commit enough to the run.

This season is done, they should start McNabb the rest of the way just to keep his trade value up. I also said Feeley isn't the answer long term, if either Feeley or McNabb is the starting QB next year, and they haven't made significant changes at the WR position, we're in for more of the same next season.

I will admit that I didn't think Feeley would go out and lose the game. Those picks were unforgivable, and probably the reason he never lasted as a starter when he got the shot.

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