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This isn't going well for Hank and the Yankees. Teams, and players, are just going to keep asking for more and more until he puts his foot down and makes a stand. The offer they have on the table now is too much unless they can re-sign Pettitte to take Hughes' spot in the rotation.

I think the offer they have out there right now is too much no matter what the circumstances are. They should downgrade the offer, or just pull it altogether. The Sox aren't going to up their offer, and the Yanks original offer (Kennedy, Melky, Tabata) beats the Sox current offer. I have a feeling Minnesota is going to wind up holding on to him, which is the best case scenario for the Yanks. Sign him after the season and don't give up any prospects.

I agree. Keep what we have and move forward. Besides if we can get 13-15 wins and 175 innings outta Hughes (which is likely) Then we won't need Santana until Pettitte is ready to leave next year.

Go after help in the bullpen. That should be a priority.

I like Marte a lot. He was the lefty set-up guy in Chicago, with occasional saves back in the pre-Jenks days (i.e. the days when the other closing options were the Japanese guy and the 100 mph fireballer from Oakland - Billy something - who couldn't find the strike zone). Admittedly all my knowledge of Marte is from fantasy baseball, but... yeah, he's great. He's been putting up good numbers for a while, and is a very reliable lefty setup guy.

He'll be a good pickup. Dotel would, too, but only if he's healthy and able to throw high 90's; otherwise his stuff is average at best.

If the Yankees don't land Santana, then they need to get Pettite, and strengthen the bullpen alot. The starters are either old (Pettite, Mussina) or young and not used to lots of innings (Hughes, Kennedy), so aside from Wang, no one really pitches deep into the game.

Interesting note: with Pettite back, this makes Joba almost certainly the set up guy, right? Unless Mussina is moved to the bullpen....

PS: I don't want Dan Haren. I would prefer the Big 3 of the Yankees over Haren. It's Santana or stay put and be patient.

I think Joba's in the rotation no matter what, at least at the start of the season. They're committed to taking a look at him as a starter, which I think they should be.

Agree with you on Haren, but probably for a different reason. Beane is asking way too much, better to go with what you have.

Marte had some issues in Chicago with showing up to work and doing what he was supposed to be doing. Very Farnsworth-like. You can read about it in the notes here:


Hmm. Still like Marte's on-field performance.

I'm tired of hearing about how awesome Ellsbury is. He's a good hitter, .300 BA/.360 OBP type, with no power (5 HRs tops next year), strikes out a lot, and has tremendous speed.

Isn't he just a young Dave Roberts?

Marte sucks. He was good pre-05, but in the 05 playoffs he was awful. Against the Red Sox in the ALDS, i believe he walked the bases loaded with no outs before El Duque got us out of the inning unscathed. Also, and this is completely irrelevant info, a lot of people think he's gay. I guess part of the reason the Sox dealt Carlos Lee after the 04 is because he was ruthlessly cruel towards Marte.

SML, do you mean Billy Koch, and immortal Shingo Takatsu?!?!

Marte's numbers were good last year, and he's an obvious upgrade over Igawa, Chase Wright and Sean Henn. I still say make the move if it's there.

Also, and this is completely irrelevant info, a lot of people think he's gay. I guess part of the reason the Sox dealt Carlos Lee after the 04 is because he was ruthlessly cruel towards Marte.

That's an awesome rumor because Ozzie hated them both. Maybe Lee and Marte were 'partners' who broke up or something.

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