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A healthy Takeo Spikes could be a big asset. It's a shame to see Darwin Walker go but they had to do something to address the needs at LB. As for Kelly Holcomb, I'm still hoping the Eagles will take a chance on a young QB in a later round as a development project.

It's pretty simple. Fixing the run defense was the #1 priority this offseason. There was nothing more important. There's no doubt that Takeo brings the kind of physical presence that should help do just that.


Completely agree. I'd love to see them bring a project QB in, but he probably won't have a chance at making the team. Maybe practice squad.

I wonder if they're going to try to move Dhani for a bag of balls at this point.


Amen. As long as Trotter and Spikes are both on the field for 1st and 2nd down we shouldn't have to see Sean Considine missing tackles 10 yards down the field every other play.

Great move by the Eagles. This helps solidifies their defense and addresses a major need. Smart trade.

Mix Master Mu on Mar 27 at 14:48

Now what do we do in the draft? Do we still go after a linebacker like Timmons, or Poz? My guess is we take a safety or cornerback. I wonder if Buster Davis will be available with our 2nd round pick. He's not the ideal size but knows how to tackle and has good instincts. I wonder how many people we take from BYU in the draft. Who would you rather have at safety Nelson or Griffin?


They're similar. It looks like the scouts have Nelson graded higher, he's a little faster and taller.

Griffin put up better numbers in college, and they say he's a better tackler. Personally, I'd go for the guy that can cover, if you start drafting safeties based on their run support, over their coverage skills, you're in trouble. The run needs to be addressed by the front seven, the DB's need to be able to cover.

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