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Nice analogy...I agree 100%.

I also think that when you take injury risk into account, bowing out might make sense. Pitchers are far more likely to get hurt than position players, and pitchers's injuries often affect the pitcher for the rest of their careers. Thus, throwing all your chips down for Santana is more risky than say...giving A-Rod $30 million.

If it was just money, I could live w/ any price tag for Santana, but we're talking about trading away a guy who may wind up being Santana a couple years down the road AND paying him that money.

The Star Ledger is saying they've closed the door on Santana.


Good analogy, my feelings 100%. Sanatana was the only pitcher I’d consider giving up one of the big three.

But I am perplexed. I've thought about this trade 24/7 for months and every time I analyze this, the Yankees offer blew away any offer the Redsox can come up with. I dont know what the Twins are thinking. The Yankees made more than a fair offer so I can not fault them. Hopefully the Yanks move on and sure up the bullpen.

If the Twins go ahead w/ the Red Sox deal, I have no idea what they were thinking. It doesn't even equal the Yanks first offer as a 5 for 1. If they wind up cutting bait and sticking with Santana for 2008, then they were just seeing if they could absolutely rob someone, and if their asking price wasn't met, they were going to keep him all along.

The Yanks walked away and they haven't made a deal yet with the Sox, so my thinking is it isn't going to happen at this point. If it does get done, I'll have to see what the final package was. At this point, I think they may be trying to bluff the Yanks back into it so they'll cough up Kennedy and Hughes in the deal.

On ESPN yesterday, they were saying that the Angles jumped into the fray, with a deal possibly based around Jered Weaver and their stud SS prospect Brandon Wood.

They also speculated that since the Angles were seen as the front-runners for Miguel Cabrera, they feel greater pressure to make a big move (Johan) now that Cabrera was traded to the Tigers.

By the way, holy shit at the Tigers line-up next year...

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