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Here is what happens if no trades happen:

1) Minnesota has to watch Santana audition for a big pay-day from another team after next season. They reap the immediate benefits.

2) New York keeps their young pitching staff together and reap the immediate and long-term benefits. Then they sign Santana.

3) Oakland still has Haren and Blanton, who they have for three more years.

4) Boston get's screwed in the end...

Sounds like win-win all the way around...in some sort of fashion.

That would be preferable. I think Beane should deal Blanton, not that impressed with him, and he could probably get a chip back for him now with the quality of SP's available on the free agent market.

I tried to take a break from the Santana madness but it's starting to pull me back in. The Red Sox have drawn a line in the sand just like the Yankees did and the Twins still haven't made a trade. Now the Twins are pulling other teams back into the picture in the hopes of establishing even greater market value for Santana? Interesting. I think the Twins realize they missed out on the Yankees offer and are hoping that the Yanks get back in this thing.

Here's the thing, if the Yanks aren't involved, the Sox really don't care. If the Sox aren't involved, the Yanks really don't care. When the Yanks walked away they basically took the two biggest bidders out of the game. The Twins may be able to scare up an offer from the Dodgers now, but they lost a lot of their leverage when Brian Cashman stood up from that table.

The only way the Yanks get back involved with this is if the Twins come crawling back, and the asking price is much lower than Hughes/Melky.

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