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mad dog on Dec 5 at 15:29

No wonder you're depressed. You make snap judgments after one game, suggesting that we dump the franchise quarterback for a guy who's proven he can't play. Donovan may be done (which I greatly doubt) but at least he played well once. AJ's not exactly a kid. He gets hot for a few games, but can't hold down a starting job. For a reason. He can't play.

Ahh, good ole' mad dog. I never suggested we dump McNabb for Feeley. I said Feeley would give the team a better chance at winning the rest of this season than McNabb, then next year they'd have to go with Kolb because Feeley wasn't the long-term solution.

I also didn't make a snap judgment after one game, it took 10 games of futility from McNabb for me to come to this conclusion. The surrounding players, especially the wide receivers, are more productive with Feeley out there because he gets rid of the ball quickly and doesn't bounce passes. Obviously, throwing 4 picks is completely unacceptable as is throwing into the teeth of double coverage about 15 times in one game.

They need to find someone who gets rid of the ball quickly, accurately and with good reads. That's not Feeley, but it isn't McNabb either, anymore, if it ever was.

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